Maddie Ziegler on a lifetime of dancing, Sia music videos, and her dream-come-true collaboration with Morphe

There’s an innate sense of pride Australians feel for local artists who have made it big on the global scale, and the people that surround them. That’s why we consider Maddie Ziegler—the now-17-year-old dancer that’s grown in front of our eyes in Sia’s iconic music videos—one of our own.

Breaking into the scene at eight years old on our favourite binge, Dance Moms, and as the star of Sia’s breathtaking videos from eleven, Ziegler’s lifelong tenure as a dancer has seen her become one of the most recognisable faces in her industry right now. In a slight career pivot the dancer has “always dreamt of,” Ziegler is now stepping into beauty with a bright, glimmering, colour-filled collection in partnership with Morphe. We caught up with the star to talk beauty, performing, and the new collection (which, by the way, is now available at MECCA).


“My first beauty memory is when I was six years old getting ready for a dance competition,” recalled Ziegler who, like most dancers, started wearing makeup younger than most. “I vividly remember saying to my mum, ‘I’ve had it, I’m doing my own eyelashes,’ because I hated how my mum applied them.” From that moment on, she says, she was applying a full face of makeup herself. (Which, in comparison with most of our beauty efforts at six, is quite remarkable.)

As someone who loved learning about makeup and experimenting with different looks as she grew up, Ziegler jumped at any opportunity to put makeup on. “Actually I wore makeup more when I was younger than I do now,” she shared, opting for “little to no makeup” when she’s not working in order to let her skin “breathe”. As for her end-game essentials, she’s all about “brow gel, lip balm and concealer."

On days when no-makeup makeup won’t cut it, Ziegler turns to her go-to makeup artist, Tonya Brewer, for inspiration. “She has helped me get over my fear of being afraid to experiment with makeup, and she completely influenced my love for geometric colourful looks,” says the dancer, of the artist responsible her some of her most iconic looks. “I’m forever grateful for all the knowledge she gives me and the love for makeup we share.”

“When I perform with Sia I wear a very natural look,” shared Ziegler, noting the exception of creative details such as a blue tear drop (Thunderclouds), a diamante’d eye (Together), or her favourite, the “iconic rainbow tears” in The Greatest. Events, however, are the performer’s time to play and experiment: “I let Tonya try whatever she wants.”


At first glimpse of Ziegler’s collaboration with makeup powerhouse Morphe, you can instantly see her dual take on makeup, with a 20-pan palette that perfectly blends everyday neutrals with a rainbow of brights, a dewy, gloss-finish highlighting stick and a multi-purpose lip and cheek kit available in pink, peach and berry tones.

Having long dreamt of creating her very own makeup line, the 17-year old couldn’t have been more willing when Morphe reached out to collaborate: “I didn’t know who would fit best to actually make my line, but when Morphe reached out it just fell perfectly into place,” she said.

With shades and textures inspired by her day-to-day, her achievements on-screen and her joy for dancing (her favourite being ‘5’, a pastel blue with a creamy matte formula featured in The Imagination Palette), Ziegler considers the collection to be "one of the greatest achievements [she’s] ever made in life.” “Creating shade names, designs, textures, and colours was a dream!”


The dancer’s dedication to her ongoing role in Sia’s videos is evident as she bubbles over in excitement announcing her role in an upcoming film (due later this year) directed by Sia herself. “I’ve waited years for people to watch this art piece,” she gushed. “I’m so excited for people to get to know my character.”

As Ziegler evolves into a ‘slashie’, expanding her passions beyond dancing into acting and beauty, she paves the way for young girls—especially the dancing-obsessed—to achieve greatness. “You will come across people who will shut you down or tell you no,” said the performer. “Don’t listen to those people. You are amazing. You are beautiful. Work hard and be determined. If you have passion and a goal you will achieve anything you put your mind to.”

Maddie Ziegler’s collaboration with Morphe is now available online and in store at MECCA.


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