Lindy Klim: model, designer, mother of four

Dividing her time between Melbourne and Bali, Lindy Klim really does get the best of both worlds. Here she reveals her Balinese beauty rituals, her devotion to La Mer skin care, and why her tween daughter needs to put down the tweezers.

“Gucci to Birkenstocks, that’s my life!” says Lindy Klim with a hearty laugh, explaining the contrasts between her two homes, Melbourne and Bali. She has flitted between the cities for the last seven years. “I love that I can play in these two very different worlds,” she adds. “In Melbourne, it’s so fun to get dressed up and go out, and then in Bali, I barely wear makeup or anything but shorts.”

No matter the setting, the model, designer and mother of four is focused on hydrating her skin. “It’s so dry, and it can get really itchy.” Fortunately, as an ambassador for La Mer, Klim has everything she needs to balance her jet-setting lifestyle. “I always have La Mer Renewal Oil with me. I put it in everything.” The recent beauty posting is one of many new additions to Klim’s world of late: she’s also launched a resort collection, Rama Voyage, became engaged to her partner, Adam Ellis, and welcomed daughter Goldie to the family, which includes Stella, 12, Rocco, nine and Frankie, six.

On the day of The Memo shoot in Melbourne, a child-free Klim was looking forward to a day of good coffee and glamorous pursuits. We caught up with her while she was in the makeup artist’s chair.

TM: What’s your go-to makeup look?
LK: “I’m not big on colour, and it’s something that resonates through my wardrobe too. It’s all neutrals, black, white and beige. NARS Orgasm is as much colour as I get into. I’d like to experiment though. My best friend, [fashion influencer] Tanja Gacic, is into colourful lips, but that doesn’t look right on me, so I tend to stick with the nudes. I do like a little winged eyeliner if I’m out in Melbourne, but that’s as far as I venture.”

Do you like to take your time getting ready in the morning?
“No. I have my little La Mer routine: cleanse, tone and then the treatment lotion—the trick is to press it into your skin. I add the Mecca Cosmetica’s tinted sunscreen and then I’m out the door. I spend a bit more time here, but makeup slides right off in Bali. My night time routine is very casual, too. I need to put all my children to bed, so I have to be quick. My one at-home luxury is the bath. I love putting a few drops of Renewal Oil in there and just soaking in it. It’s often cold water though. We use it to cool off because it’s been so hot.”

When I was newly pregnant with Goldie, my face was horrendous with acne. But there’s nothing you can do, you just have to ride it out.

How else do you like to spend me-time?
“I have lots of massages in Bali. I love a place called Esthetic, it’s near my home in Canggu. One of my favourite treatments is called a ‘cream bath’. Basically, it’s a protein hair treatment, and they massage it into your head for about 40 minutes before putting a hot towel on your head. Then they give you a back, shoulder and arm massage. Bliss. I give them Renewal Oil to put a few drops into the cream they use, too. It’s amazing. At the same time, I get my mani and pedi done. And it all comes to $20. I have that three times a week, and then I have two massages a week, either there or at Therapy, because I go to the gym a lot and get sore. I used to have a therapist come to our home, but you can’t relax when you have one child on your back and another poking food through the hole on the massage table.”

What’s great about living in Bali?
“My kids have so much freedom. It’s so relaxed and easy. The kids have weekly massages, and the girls like to get their nails done. It’s part of the Balinese lifestyle, we’re very lucky to have luxuries like that be so affordable. There is no way I’d be able to afford it Australia. Can you imagine?”

What has made the biggest impact on your skin?
“When we moved to Bali my skin changed a lot, just adjusting to the climate. At first, it benefited it, because I was often makeup-free, so there was nothing clogging my pores. But now Bali is getting so congested with pollution and traffic that it’s going in the other way. And every time I’m pregnant, my hormones just go through the roof. I’ve had bad pigmentation and adult acne. When I was newly pregnant with Goldie, my face was horrendous with acne. But there’s nothing you can do with pregnancy acne, you just have to ride it out.”

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What are your in-flight essentials?
“The Renewal Oil, always. I also love to have La Mer The Mist with me, but it gets taken by security! I always have stuff like that happen. I cried when my Portrait of a Lady perfume was taken off me at the airport. Someone had bought me a gorgeous big bottle and I didn’t even think about it because it still looked small to carry on, but they took it.”

Any beauty regrets?
"My hair is still suffering from going platinum blonde. It was for a job, just before I fell pregnant with Goldie, and I still have so much breakage. That's why I wear it back all the time. Never again."

What beauty lessons will you pass on to your children?
“I’m having to start a lot of beauty no-nos with Stella, she’s 12. She put hair removal cream on her top lip and it blistered. I’d been telling her for weeks that if it bothers her, she can get it waxed, always get things done professionally, but she just doesn’t listen. Then, she wanted to pluck her eyebrows, and I said, ‘Stella, no, you’re 12.’ She had a go herself and made them all crooked, which led to tears, so I feel like she’s learnt her lesson. I want my kids to know that less is more but it’s very difficult now, with kids seeing the Kardashian-style of makeup, where they are practically drawing on a new face. And she’s like, ‘Why can’t I do that?’ Well, for one, we live in Bali and it’s going to melt, but also you’re so stunningly beautiful, why would you cover up your face like that?'"

Who are your own beauty icons?
“The women in my family. My aunts in Bali are all so naturally beautiful. They don’t use anything but coconut oil and turmeric. Cream baths and massages are integral to the Balinese way of life and approach to beauty. That and their flower baths, and it’s about what you eat. I just look at the women in my family, and their hair is still down to their bums and they’re just so beautiful. Beauty in Bali is a ritual, and a shared ritual. It’s such a beautiful experience to do those things with them.”

What are you most proud of?
“There are so many things recently. My children, and that I’ve kept them alive. Every birthday I’m like ‘yes!’ another year without any hospital visits! And I’m proud that I’ve been able to have such amazing kids, and still be working, and working really hard. It’s important for them to see that. Especially my girls, I really want them to see how hard I work and for them to know they can’t just sit back and expect things to land for them. You have to work for it.”

Interview by Alexandra Whiting
Photographer Liz Sunshine
May 2018


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