Too Faced’s Jerrod Blandino tells us what you need to know about the brand’s new skincare lineup

For Too Faced co-founder and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino, the move from makeup to skincare came naturally to him. Some of the brand’s most popular makeup favourites (like Born This Way Foundation and Hangover Primer) are spiked with coconut water, probiotics and alpine rose; even Too Faced’s Chocolate Solei Bronzer is infused with skin-loving cocoa. For Blandino, feeling good is equally as important as looking good—which is why his new skincare lineup is the perfect addition to the brand’s makeup offering. We recently spoke to Blandino about the two-year process, his favourite skincare hacks and the star ingredient in the Hangover Pillow Cream.


“Skincare has always been part of the makeup and formulas I’ve created. I’ve been infusing very efficacious ingredients into my makeup all along,” says Blandino. “Born This Way contains hyaluronic acid and rose alpine, while my Hangover Primer has coconut water. It was an obvious next step.” For Blandino, it was important to create a skincare offering that complimented the Too Faced makeup collection and vice versa. “To achieve the best makeup [look], you must start with the most flawless canvas possible, so I created a hydrating, skin-resurrecting and illuminating skincare line. The skincare ingredients work in synergy with the makeup ingredients to give you the absolute best effect possible.” Speaking of the best possible effects, Blandino infused the Too Faced Hangover Pillow Cream with aromatherapy to encourage deep sleep. “Your skin can accept the product’s powerful ingredients more efficiently when you’re in a deep sleep.”


There’s a unique ingredient in the Too Faced Hangover Pillow Cream—real ‘stardust’, and for Jerrod it’s an ingredient unlike anything he’s seen before in beauty of skincare. “Before I was a makeup guru I taught art to children when I was in college. During that time, I saw this documentary-type movie that showcased how falling stars rush through the atmosphere and land on earth, and during that journey they capture intergalactic energy that scientists learned had healing and protective powers. I’m so glad I finally got to infuse those super-charged minerals sourced from real falling stars into my skincare line, [they] act as a potent antioxidant and illuminator unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.”

And as for coconut water, just like the Hangover Primer and Spray, Too Faced’s new range is infused with this hard-working hydrator. “Coconut water is the closest thing to blood plasma on the planet, so your body is able to accept and use it in a meaningful way,” explains Blandino. “I always want to use natural ingredients supercharged through science where possible, to create the most optimal results.”


Each product in the new skincare collection includes ‘Hangover’ in the name, and we wanted to know what Blandino considered a ‘complexion hangover’ to be. “Anyone can deal with a complexion hangover. We work too much and then we have to balance our life, families, fun, romance, friends, and of course none of us are getting enough sleep or are able to take care of ourselves like we want to every day,” he says. “So, when creating this new skincare line, it was all about products that make your skin look instantly refreshed, even when you show up to work after two hours sleep from a crazy girl’s night out the night before!”


“I always want to use natural ingredients where possible; ingredients that can be supercharged through science to create optimal results,” he says. And the biggest challenge? “Breaking through science and the ‘noes’ and ‘impossibilities’ to create affordable products. When it came down to it, Blandino found the process of creating a skincare line rewarding and one that took almost two years to perfect. “It was so much fun!” he exclaims. “I got to test and tweak every formula without the pressure of timelines and launch dates. I launch products when they’re perfect and ready, not because there’s a calendar deadline.”


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