Talking influence, Instagram and iso-skin with Jadé Tunchy

It’s no news that we have big love for funny girl Jadé Tuncdoruk (you might know her as Jadé Tunchy), who recently graced us with her go-to evening routine in our #myMECCAskin series. We discovered that so many of you love her too, so we reached to the award-winning influencer to get the low-down on her success, the reason behind her dual Instagram accounts, and what she’s been getting up to in isolation at her home in Sydney.


“Isolation has definitely been interesting,” shared Tuncdoruk, a sentiment we can all relate to. “I think creativity is a great way to channel energy during a time like this.” Like many of us, she’s been cooking a lot more than usual, and has been able to spend more time painting, a hobby the popular influencer is proud to have kept up for “a few years now.”

Many of us have experienced a bout of ‘iso-skin,’ and have therefore changed up our routines, but Tuncdoruk admits that hers has remained the same—mostly due to her love of the Bioeffect EGF Serum, a product that actually works best on its own, if not alongside the coordinating range. According to the influencer, “it’s a great way to pack in all the stuff your skin loves without overdoing it,” that stuff being thirst-quenching hyaluronic acid and a unique ingredient called epidermal growth factor (better known as EGF), which increases the production of collagen and elastin at a cellular level to maintain plump, juicy-looking skin.

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What sets Tuncdoruk apart from her peers is the dual nature of her online presence, which sees her post from two handles, @jadetunchy and @therealjadetunchy. With a desire to post funnier content without disrupting the “specific aesthetic” that inspired Tuncdoruk for her primary account, the personality created @therealjadetunchy, which allowed her to showcase both “versions” of herself (one she describes as “refined, with a love of fashion and creativity,” and the other “transparent, honest, raw and a bit of a class clown”).

Not only has it since boosted her success (and undeniable lovability), it has also enabled Tuncdoruk to live out her childhood dreams—even though at the time, the term influencer didn’t exist. “When I was younger my dream was to be actress, and as I got a little older, I wanted to work in fashion; I thought I’d be a stylist,” shared Tuncdoruk. “I guess now I get to be a bit of both!”


Although the world of online personalities, creators and influencers are yet to have awards as notorious as the likes of the sporting and entertainment industries, that didn’t stop Tuncdoruk from being recognised for her content, winning the title of E! People’s Choice Awards Australian Social Star of 2019. “One of the most amazing experiences of my life was to attend the awards with my partner,” said the winner. “It felt like a dream that had come true. You know when you watch movies as a kid and imagine things playing out for yourself? It was that but it actually happened. It was surreal.”

Tuncdoruk couldn’t be “more grateful” for her job, which has allowed her to “tick so many things off the bucket list at such a young age,” including trips to Positano, Los Angeles and the Maldives (the list goes on), and working with brands she loves, including some she only dreamt of and at a time, couldn’t afford. “To be able to not only have them in my closet but have the brand approach me, tell me they love me and want to work with me is just a dream come true,” shared the star.


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