Stylist Chloe Hill on letting fashion set her mood and how to dress with more positivity

For New Zealander Chloe Hill, fashion has always been a way to express herself and to set her mood. Read on to learn how she became more confident in herself and her style, and how she finds joy in fashion.

What dressing happy means to her

Chloe Hill’s outfits can always be relied upon for its riot of colour, whether it be prints from Australian label Romance Was Born or saturated silks from New Zealand line Paris Georgia. “Imbuing happiness into what I wear every day is the attitude I have every time I get dressed, or make a purchase,” she explains. “I dress to bring myself joy. The best way to do that is to avoid getting caught up in what others think, and really tune into what you want. To dress happy is to be true to myself.”

But Hill herself didn’t always dress in a way that was true to her personal style. Born in New Zealand, she relocated to Sydney to continue her fashion styling career in magazines before travelling in the USA and Europe for work – because of COVID-19, she is now back in the southern hemisphere. “When I was starting out my career at 18 I was so caught up in trying to wear what I thought was cool and would impress others,” she explains. “So I was in a lot of monochrome and classic cuts, which really wasn’t me. It took me a while to settle into my style.”

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How to find your own style

And she attests that while it’s easier said than done, it can take time to realise what one actually prefers to wear, and to be comfortable with it. For Hill, ‘dressing happy’– to evoke that visceral, tangible joy from what you decide to put on – means dressing true to oneself once you’ve found your own style.

“Take time to find others who have style that makes you happy. That will help you feel inspired and develop a positive attitude towards what you wear. I would also encourage you to unfollow anyone on Instagram who makes you feel down about your own look because it’s not worth filling your head with unobtainable images. There are so many inspiring and relatable women on social media who will make you feel confident in your own skin.”

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What she reaches for to lift her spirits

“The first Romance Was Born dress I ever owned. It’s covered in a beautiful heart print and brings back so many memories every time I wear it,” says Hill. For the everyday, it’s bright and fluffy knitwear – a hark back to her New Zealand heritage.

How getting dressed starts her day off right

“If I put effort into putting together a look I love, I start the day feeling so happy. It can make the difference to my whole day, I’m more productive and have more energy when I feel good about what I’m wearing,” she says. “If I’m not feeling in the best mood I often put less effort into getting dressed and so end up feeling even worse. Whereas a good mood is amplified by a happiness-inducing outfit. So it really can go either way!”

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And for her beauty picks that make her happy…

“I love the simple things. An SPF moisturiser that is non-greasy and nice to apply – I use Mecca Cosmetica’s To Save Face every day!” she says.

“Because my outfits are usually so crazy, I play it pretty safe with makeup for the day,” she says, so for light, glowy coverage and a natural finish, she reaches for BareMinerals Complexion Rescue. “I’m forever devoted to it. Then, I’ll fill in my brows and blend a little cream blush or lipstick into my cheeks.” (Our favourites are the Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick, Kosas Colour & Light Crème Palette and NARS Liquid Blush.)

For the evening, Hill goes for a hit of bold colour, like red lipstick (we love the classic M.A.C. Ruby Woo, Smashbox Always On Cream to Matte in Bawse or NARS Audacious in Rita), “or a wash of purple over my eyelids,” she explains. “I’ve been attempting cat eye flicks when I’m brave too.”


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