MECCAstrology: reset 2022 with your mid-year beauty horoscope

We’ve hit the second half of 2022, and if you’re looking for a sign to reset, this is it! Read on to discover what the rest of the year has in store for your star sign as astrologer Alice Bell shares her horoscope predictions – and a little beauty to go with them.


As we head into the second half of the year, you will be building your self-confidence, Aries. You might be welcoming in new opportunities or forming different relationships. You will feel more seen by other people, and you may be much more energetic in setting intentions and personal goals for yourself. In addition, foreign travel or learning about different subjects could be helping you to get a fresh perspective on what you want. When it comes to your makeup choices, you won’t be shying away from bold, colourful options. You could want to try out a bright lipstick.

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Over the next few months, you may find yourself needing rest and privacy, Taurus. You might be working on a project behind the scenes, or you could want space to reflect on your emotions and work through any mindsets that are holding you back. You may also be developing a regular spiritual practice, like studying astrology, meditating, or journalling. You will want to feel like you’re connected to something bigger than yourself, and personal growth will come through spending time alone. You may want to scale back and treat yourself to a hydrating facial mask.

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Moving into the second half of the year, Geminis may feel much more social! You might be joining in on community events, or you could be organising group activities with your friends. In addition, you might be building a bigger audience for your work or networking quite a bit. Other people may end up connecting you to new opportunities, and you could feel like you’re making progress on your future hopes and dreams. To get ready for your frequent meetups, try out a dewy highlighter.

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Cancer, you may notice significant career growth happening over the coming weeks. You could be receiving a promotion, a new job opportunity, or you may be launching a project you’ve been working on for a while. It may also be that you’re assuming a leadership position in another area of your life, or you could be figuring out exactly what you want to do in the long term with your career. You will want beauty products that are classic staples and stand the test of the time, such as a volumising mascara.

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Over the next few months, you will be opening your mind up to different ways of thinking about the world. As a Leo, you might be motivated to read, research, or sign up for a course on a particular subject. You could also be learning through travel and immersing yourself in different cultures, or you may feel more connected to your spiritual beliefs. In addition, you may be investing time in writing or teaching and sharing your knowledge with others. Since you may be travelling more than usual, embrace lightweight beauty products – think tinted moisturiser.

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Over the next few months, you may be taking an interest in self-improvement. You may want to better understand your own habits and patterns (especially when it comes to relationships) and you may be practicing being more emotionally open with people. In addition, you could be finding ways to be smarter about your finances, such as making investments or forms of passive income, or you could be saving up for a big purchase. When it comes to your makeup choices, you may want to add depth with contouring or bronzer.

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You will be forming significant new relationships in the coming weeks, Libra. If you’re single, you might have greater success dating, or you could be open to people that aren’t your usual type. You could also be entering into a happy new phase of your relationship if you’re already coupled up, or you may be establishing a significant business partnership. You’re realising that you can accomplish more with the help of someone else. For romantic settings, you may want a pink blush or a flirty lip gloss.

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Heading into the second half of the year, you will be much busier in your everyday life, Scorpio. You might be balancing a lot of small tasks, or you could be stepping into a role where you are handling many responsibilities. In addition, you may be prioritising your physical health and want to nurture your body through exercising regularly, cooking nutritious meals and getting enough sleep. Because you will be running around town, you will want practical makeup that you can put in your bag and apply regularly throughout the day (think: a full coverage concealer).

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Sagittarius, you’ll be enjoying leisure time outside of work over the next few months! You may want to find an outlet for creative self-expression, like a passion project or a hobby you can do by yourself. Your love life may be a focus as well, and you could be dating frequently or feel more confident in putting yourself out there and meeting new people. You are building self-esteem by leaning into the traits that set you apart, rather than trying to follow what everyone else is doing. You could be willing to experiment with your beauty routine by trying out a colourful eyeliner!

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You will be tending to home and family-related matters in the coming weeks, Capricorn. You might be making plans to move, especially to a home that has a lot more space, or you could be redecorating or renovating. In addition, you may be seeing more of your family and feel connected to your loved ones. You could also make important revelations about your childhood and the past, or you’re finding ways to better cope with your emotions. For your beauty routine, you will want products you can enjoy at home, like luxurious face and body oils.

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You will be on the go for the next few months, Aquarius. You might be travelling extensively or doing a lot of short weekend trips away. You could also be busy connecting with friends or neighbours, or you may be launching various communication-based projects (like a podcast, website, or newsletter). You will be more confident in voicing your opinions, and you may also be motivated to learn a new skill or two. For your various trips and social outings, you will want to have a multipurpose lip and cheek stain on hand.

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Heading into the second half of the year, Pisces will be focused on work and finances. You may be up for a promotion, ready to launch your own business project, or figuring out how to turn your hobby into a side hustle. You could also be met with new freelance opportunities, and you will be looking for alternative ways to boost your income. However, you may be spending just as much as well! You could want to splurge on beauty products that go the distance, like a glowing foundation you will wear every day.

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