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The Queen Of Lip Art, Vlada Haggerty

Photograph courtesy of Smashbox.

Vlada. You may know the name, you’ve almost definitely obsessed over her work on Insta (@vladamua has over 735k followers)—and now, the queen of the lip-art scene is coming to Australia this week to work her magic and maybe even meet a Beauty Junkie or two.

So, just who is this magical makeup force? For the uninitiated amongst us (read: been living under a rock), Vlada is the influencer to the influencer set. Born and bred in Kiev—and currently based in Los Angeles, this makeup sorceress is changing the beauty game with her crazy-good skills.

Her work inspires everyone from Pat McGrath (her makeup artist hero) to Kylie Jenner, and has been tagged in more pics than we dare to scroll through (over 12,000 posts tagged with #vladamua). Oh, and to top it all off, she’s just been appointed Smashbox’s first ever Lip Editor in Chief (um, where do we apply?). So before she hits our shores (“coming to Australia has been my dream since I was 16!”), spend five minutes getting to know this makeup magician:

Real talk: Pt 1
“I was bored with my office job and wanted a fun hobby. I went to a makeup school and found makeup was my biggest passion. I kept my job for a while to be able to build my makeup kit [but] as soon as I had to turn down a paid photo shoot because [of] my day job, I quit and started freelancing full time.”

Lip art in the real world
“I think [it] will continue to become more common. I would love to see people wearing [it] outside. The only lip art I have ever worn was a glitter lip—people loved it. [But] when it comes to my own makeup, it’s a cat eye and a red lip. I love classic beauty.”

Even pros make mistakes
“I forgot to bring my makeup brushes to my very first shoot. I’ve learnt ever since!”

“I get inspired by my day-to-day life: my memories, events, new textures, food…the list is long! [It’s] in everything. I like to create something never seen before.”

Lips vs Eyes
“When I started shooting my own photos, I enjoyed lip shoots the most, so I went with it. [They’re] the perfect canvas for me. Eye art is harder to do on myself, [so] I usually prefer to do eye art on models. My techniques are similar, I just use different products.”

Real talk: Pt 2
“There are looks that took me a couple of tries to create. But I don’t give up, I just try again.”

The likes don’t lie
“My pearl lip with grillz (posted for International Women’s Day) [was a surprise hit]. I wasn’t sure if I was happy with it when I posted it and it turned out to be one of my most-liked photos. My Valentine’s Day lip art video got over 88k likes.”

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