We're all talking about...sunscreen for your hair

Here at MECCA HQ we’ve been talking a lot about suncare; how SPF is the #1 thing you can do for your skin and how applying it every day (and reapplying it) is a serious non-negotiable. We’ve been finding the right SPF for our skin type and we’ve literally covered all bases (and our entire bodies) with sunscreen. Enter UV-protection for your hair.

You probably didn’t know you needed it, maybe neither did we, but it’s a thing and it’s going to mean a good-hair summer for all. Let’s preface this by saying, your hair can’t get sunburnt; but it can still suffer some serious damage when exposed to the sun, heat and saltwater. These elements sound like a party for you, but for your hair they lead to breakage, colour fading, dullness, and general scraggliness (not the beach hair you’d been hoping for, hey?).

Thankfully for us beach babes, there’s a whole crop of sun-shielding haircare to choose from, and they contain strand-loving ingredients that will stand up better in the surf than you can. They condition and fortify the hair (3-More Inches Lifesaver Leave-In Styling Treatment repairs broken bonds), smooth frizz, protect against heat damage (i.e. the hotel hair dryer) and smell simply divine—Bumble and bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil smells like coconuts and gardenias! They’ll protect your balayage from going brassy, your caramel tones from fading and your scalp bleach from turning to straw. Basically, your colour will last longer and your locks will be healthier no matter how many hours you spend reading Liane Moriarty novels on the beach this summer.

The best part? They’re so simple to incorporate in your routine: think shampoo, conditioner and even finishing spray a la Bumble and bumble. Add these babies to your routine and your beach bag pronto and get set for a wet, hot summer with incredible hair.

Words by Romy Erdos
Updated January 2019


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