How to get the Kendall-inspired fox-eye look trending on TikTok

The trend people are literally shaving their eyebrows off for (and how to do it without going near a razor).

You’d think we would have learned and evolved, especially considering how many of us are reminded of the micro-brows of 90s-past with each stroke of a pencil, powder or pomade promising the effect of full, fluffy brows. But, alas, the fox-eye trend is causing beauty-obsessives around the world to shave off the outer third of their eyebrows for a whole new generation of brow sabotage. Why? To look more like a member of—no surprises here—the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Inspired by Kendall Jenner’s straight, lifted brow shape—also seen on her friend Bella Hadid—TikTok users are redefining their brows to create the foxy effect, shaving off the tail of their brow to eliminate their strong, angled arch, then drawing it back on at a straight diagonal. In true 2020 style, they’re filming the transformation to share on TikTok, too. Exhibit A, exhibit B.

While we’re loving the trend and admire those brave enough to bring on the blade, we’re looking to avoid repeating brow-regret history at all costs: so we trawled TikTok for the alternative ways some beauty buffs are achieving the fox-eye look. Here’s how to do it.

The hair trick

Rather than changing the shape of your brows, adopt an editorial hair secret to take your face to supermodel status in a hot second: take a small bunch of hair from either side of your temples, and pull them taut to the back of your head, tying them together with a hair elastic. Tight. This will pull the skin around the brows back to emulate the more chiselled, angled look of a supermodel’s face structure. But be warned, this is not comfortable and can cause damage to the root if pulled too hard or worn for too long. If you’re going to try it, do it for a selfie moment. Watch as TikTok user @maddykoesterr puts it to the test.

To make it easier to create a secure, pulled effect, spritz a texturiser like IGK’s Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray into your hair for added grit and minimised slip.

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The eyeshadow secret

While it won’t change your brows, per say, the fox-eye look can be achieved with some subtle and strategic eyeshadow work—think of it as contouring for your eye. By creating a soft brown wing—and adding a point to your inner corners with a brown liquid liner like TikTok user @noordabashh, your eyes are immediately elongated and made to look more ‘fox-like’. It’s easy, pain-free, and can be melted away with a double cleanse at the end of the day. Pair it with a strong brow—and you’re good to go.

The ‘migraine’ pose

Take yourself back to 2018—Miley and Liam were still together, and ‘despacito’ was—by no means—a term in our everyday vocabulary. On our feeds, celebrities and influencers alike were posing like they had a headache, pulling their temples upwards to lift their brow and cheek, giving a more angled shape to their eye. Truth be told, the ‘migraine pose’ (coined by makeup artist Nam Vo) was the very start of the fox-eye obsession, resulting in selfie-takers—and admirers—loving the look and wanting to emulate it more permanently. If you’re in it for the selfie (and the selfie alone), the pose might just be the way to go (pulling gently, and definitely not regularly—we’re in the game of avoiding premature lines and sagging, after all).

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