WATCH: An easy all-over peachy makeup look guaranteed to boost your mood

Grey skies and wintery days won’t rain on MECCA HQ team member Kerri’s parade, who’s pledging allegiance to mood-boosting colours all winter long. First up, she’s taking us through a simple peachy keen look anyone can achieve in just minutes.

Start with a sheer, glowy base, and prime cheeks for a super peachy moment with Mecca Cosmetica’s Hydra Cheek Tint and Illuminating Balm Duo, a glossy balm duo which delivers on pigmented colour that literally melts into the skin. For a lifted, slightly contoured effect, Kerri blends the cheek tint up towards her temples. Continue with your fingers and press the highlighter component of the cheek duo on the highest points of the face for a fresh, dewy glow. Hello cheek bones.

For the fully flushed effect, Kerri reaches for the Jouer Bouquet D'Amour Six Shade Blush Palette, a six-pan kit of buttery, high-pigment shades ranging from muted rose tones to shimmery oranges. Starting with a light hand and a fluffy blush brush free from excess powder, tap blush into the cheeks, before going in with rounded, sweeping movements. Start light and build the colour up to your liking, following the shape you created with the initial cream blush. To keep it youthful and sun-kissed, Kerri likes to bring the remaining blush over her nose, chin and temples—like you would a bronzer.

Keep the peachy keen theme going on the eyes with a matte peach shadow (Kerri dips into ‘Wonder’ in the MECCA MAX Dream Queen Palette, but you could use your powder blush), blending it onto the lid and above the crease for a blown-out wash of colour. Finish off the eyes with a light coat of mascara on the top lashes.

What could be more perfect to complete this look than a high-shine lip gloss called ‘Just Peachy’? Nothing. Load Gloss Boss onto the lips (too much is never enough), smack them together and live out your peaches and cream dreams.

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