WATCH: How to do no-makeup makeup

It’s official; Lizzo hath decreed that self-love is in, and we’re starting with our makeup by embracing (and nailing) the barely-there, no-makeup-makeup look. Trust us when we say that this is no passing fad: year on year, runways, celebrities and beauty aficionados alike focus on fresh skin and neutral washes of colour (a look that’ll never go out of style). Watch, read and try our best tips to perfect the no-makeup makeup look.


When you’re starting with hydrated, supple skin, that’s half the battle won; there’s no looking past a fresh face (especially one that isn’t cakey). Our recommendation? The new Hyaluronic Hydra Foundation from By Terry, a skincare-foundation hybrid that plumps the skin with moisture while providing buildable coverage. Apply two drops for light coverage, lightly sweeping all over the face with a buffing brush until completely worked into the skin. The dewy finish is a subtle stunner, the kind that catches people off guard and makes them wonder if you’ve just had a facial.

Fun fact: your most flattering blush tone is the one that matches the natural shade of your lips! Take advantage of this by applying the same fleshy nude shade on both with the lilah b. Divine Duo for Lip & Cheek. The cream formula features ingredients like coconut oil, aloe and agar for hydration, and is very easy to apply (if you can get past playing with the super satisfying packaging that is). Let the warmth of your fingers blend the product into your skin, both along the cheekbones and on the lips, for a natural flush that gives your face life and dimension.


For that slight, supernatural elevation, we only need a touch of definition around the eyes—turn the dial up by from zero to one. Try the Arch Brow Micro Pencil by Hourglass for a fluffy brow that looks naturally full, using the ultra-fine tip to draw individual brow hairs and extend out the tail. Then, comb it all through with the brush on the opposite end, blending and softening the drawn-on hairs while moving your natural ones into place. For eyeliner, our newest obsession is Jillian Demsey’s Khôl Eyeliner in ‘Rich Brown’ which we apply on the outer third of the upper lash line and smudge around to the outer lower lash line too with no extra product (yes, it has that much pigment and blends that smoothly). Adding that shade in just those spots lifts the eyes up and out for that supermodel snatch while still looking bright eyed and fresh. Finally, finish up with a coat of the Limitless Lash Mascara by Ilia, using the longer side of the dual-action brush to lengthen and separate for lashes that scream ‘are those real?’


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