A step-by-step guide to nailing the soap brow trend

If you’re living in the now, you’ll be no stranger to soap brows (and if you’re not, it’s exactly what it sounds like).

A one-upon-a-time makeup artist secret, the now-trend exploded into the mainstream in 2019, becoming a TikTok sensation in 2020 for its unlikely source—a good old bar of soap—and its gravity-defying, Delevingne-esque outcome: full, fluffy, I-woke-up-like-this brows that stay in place all day.

Like lamination but without the commitment, MECCA MAX is giving us a two-up on the trend with their new Brow Guru Super Soap—a super waxy, strong-hold soap-balm, encased in a sleek pot for safe and clean-keepings.

Grab a spoolie and your Super Soap, and follow these steps for soap brow success.

Step 1: READY, WET, GO

To soften the bristles of your spoolie and increase the tackiness of the soap, dampen your spoolie with water, facial mist or setting spray (our favourite option for locking brows into place).


Rub the bristles of your damp spoolie back and forth in the Brow Guru Super Soap, generously coating each fibre in an even layer of soap. The more thick and unruly your brows, the more soap you’ll need.

Step 3: BRUSH ‘EM UP

In confident motions, comb the soap-loaded spoolie up and out through your brow hairs to create your desired brow shape. If your hairs appear uneven or a little too spikey for your liking, smooth your spoolie horizontally across the top of your brows to create a clean line.


(FYI: these are optional, but always welcome)

If your brows are sparse or ultra-fair and you prefer a fuller, more defined look, use your favourite brow pencil, pomade, or powder in hair-like strokes to lightly fill them in until you achieve a brow that feels (and looks!) like you.


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