Watch: the makeup tips you need to know in your 30s with Lara Worthington

Model and beauty icon Lara Worthington has had quite the beauty evolution since her early days in the spotlight. “In my twenties I used to wear a lot more makeup,” she explains. Now in her thirties, and as a mother of two beautiful boys, she is learning the joys of a less-is-more approach to makeup—particularly when it comes to foundation and coverage. While visiting Australia from her Los Angeles home (where she lives with husband Sam), Worthington caught up with Tayaba Jafri, Director of International Artistry at Laura Mercier, to learn the coming-of-age makeup techniques everyone should have in their arsenal—from applying tinted moisturiser and concealer (only where you need it) to using a setting powder (without looking powdery) and the most effective way to do eyeliner (that looks like you’re wearing nothing at all). Press play!

Words by Romy Erdos
July 2019


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