The microcurrent devices with macro results

NuFace, the new-school, hand-held device that uses microcurrrent technology to lift and firm the skin, has been touted as the 5-minute facelift and Miranda Kerr even used it on her wedding day. (You can also read one MECCA writer’s personal account here.) So, how does it actually work? Is it painful? Do you really see results? Tera Peterson, the CEO of NuFace, is here to answer all our questions. In this video, Peterson shows us how to use the Trinity Device for more contoured skin in five minutes a day. She also previews the new NuBody device designed to reduce cellulite and lift and firm your limbs, tummy (think: post-baby) and your, well, assets. It’s like a barre class in your bathroom, no spandex required.

Words by Romy Erdos
June 2018


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