How to look more awake on a Monday…even if you’re not

Dark circles and dull skin killing your fresh start to the week ahead? Legendary makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift from RMS Beauty shows us her technique for creating her signature, glowy skin—the perfect antidote to Monday morning blarghs.

Her tips? To even out the skin tone and erase redness, use her new “Un” Cover-Up Cream Foundation—a natural foundation that hydrates the skin while creating an elegant satin finish. Build it up across the cheeks and wherever you need it most. Use “Un” Cover-Up Concealer to spot conceal under the eyes and brighten dark circles (be careful not to go all over the undereye area! Just where you see discolouration). Applied tactfully, a bit of Lip2Cheek blush can lift the cheeks and give you a more youthful look, while Living Luminizer on the cheekbones and inner corner of the eyes brings a natural glow. Finish with a pop of pink on the lips to tie it all together. Monday, we got this. Press play.


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