Watch: Beauty skill drills - 101 contouring for beginners


With all this extra time we have at home, it’s the opportunity we’ve needed to polish our makeup techniques so we have launched a new mini-series of makeup basics, Beauty Skill Drills.

Starting with contouring and highlighting skill drill, watch as Tahlia from MECCA HQ teaches you the best tips and tricks to practice at home to enhance your features.

Contouring and highlighting

Before we start, you need to have a look in the mirror and consider your face shape. As Tahlia says, “you don’t need to contour every single part of your face.” Figure out the areas you’d like to add depth and the areas you’d like to bring forward, then go from there.

On top of your finished foundation, buff a light amount of NARS Laguna Bronzer on the areas you’re adding depth to (mainly under the cheekbones) with a MAC 168s Angled Contour Brush. Remember; start small and build up — it’s easy to add more but hard to buff away a harsh line of product.

Next, take a bit of Jouer Soft Focus Hydrate + Set Powder on a Rae Morris Jishaku #1: Deluxe Kabuki brush and add it just underneath your cheekbone contour to sharpen that line and give you a snatched look. The effect is subtle, but it’s supposed to be — no harsh lines y’all! (P.S. This trick also cleans up any contouring mistakes that might be dragging your look downwards.)

For your highlight, pick up some Mecca Cosmetica Enlighted Powder with that same brush and go back and forth on your cheekbone, then bring it up and around your eyebrow in a C-shape. Don’t forget to highlight any other areas you want to feature; tip of the nose, cupids bow and centre of the forehead, just to name a few.

Take it to the next level

For those of you ready to turn your look up a notch with some advanced techniques, keep on reading. For a sun-kissed look that further enhances your contour, get Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light on a NARS Kabuki Brush Yachiyo. Sweep it along the side of your face in the shape of a 3, hitting your forehead, under your cheekbones and under your jawline (and don’t forget to blend down the neck).

For a flush of peach that further defines your cheekbones, take Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush in Incandescent Electra on that same fluffy brush and apply it right in the middle of your cheek, then blend up along the cheekbone to the hairline. That trick about doing blush while smiling? IT’S A MYTH! Doing that just drags your face down when you stop smiling, so start with just your resting face.

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