Watch: A dressed-up bubble ponytail is not your average updo

The bubble ponytail is back and this time it’s all dressed up for the holidays. Featuring our limited-edition Sener Besim X MECCA ‘XO’ Hair Tie Set, it’s appropriately decorated for party season, perfect for getting the hair of your face in hot weather and also a great way to get another day out of your blowout (for when the back-to-back celebrations are real). Chic, fun and ready for anything—here’s how to try the trend…

2. Pony time

Using a Tangle Teezer, brush hair back off the face and gather hair at the crown of the head into a high (but-not-too-high) ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic.

3. Pop some bubbles

Create the bubble ponytail by securing hair elastics—preferably some cute adorned ones, —evenly down the ponytail. We did two, but you can do more depending on your hair length.


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