Why blush is the secret multitasker you’ve been ignoring (and how to make the most of yours)

In the wake of Instagram contouring and high-beam highlighting, blush seems to have fallen by the makeup wayside as of late. And we’re here to change that. Whether it’s to elevate a no-makeup makeup look, soften a contour or to go all out ‘80s style, blush makes everything better.

But on top of these, blush can easily be used for eyes or lips in ways that most people miss out on. Repurposing your blush in other areas unifies the tone of your face and gives any makeup look a cohesive finish (plus, you’ll be carrying fewer products in your beauty bag). Using the finalists of our ‘Best Blush: The Peak of Cheeks’ category in the 2020 MECCA Beauty Election as examples, we’re getting you blush-crazed with our best tips for making the most of your blush.


Using a blush colour as eyeshadow is one of the easiest ways to add a flattering warmth that brightens your eyes without overpowering the rest of your look. This works for natural no-makeup makeup with just a coat of mascara on the lashes or a more dramatic look with eyeliner and some fluttering false lashes.

Laura Mercier’s Blush Infusion in Ginger is a beautifully subtle nude tone with an orange base that looks particularly good with blue eyes and lasts up to 10 hours. Simply sweep it through the crease with a fluffy blending brush for a soft contoured effect, then gently blend it onto the outer third of your lower lash line to complete. For the shimmer fans out there, NARS’ famous Orgasm blush works as a luminous rose gold lid colour – easy and on trend. Try swiping it on the lid with your finger or a damp flat eyeshadow brush.

If you have a blush palette like Jouer’s Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palette in Adore, you can layer the blushes in different areas for a three-dimensional eye. Try sweeping the deeper shade through the crease then patting the lighter one on the lid. These complimentary colours are guaranteed to look great together and give your eye some depth to take it from bland to bold.

One trick you’ll see backstage at many a runway or photoshoot is using a cream blush for eyes – it gives just the right amount of shadow and warmth with a supernatural glossy texture. Stila’s Convertible Colour in Lillium is a rosy peachy pink shade with a creamy radiance to it, perfect for a warmer, sexier look. For something even more natural Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks Blush Stick in Chouchette is a more muted nude with a velvet finish that lasts well on the eyelids.

Mecca Cosmetica’s Hydra Cheek Tint and Illuminating Balm Duo in Rose is unique as an eye colour in that it has a built-in matching highlighter. Try dabbing the blush cream all over the eyelid with your ring finger, then following through with the highlighter on the inner corner and brow bone. The resulting look is a dewy, dimensional eye in a flattering nude tone.


A lot of customers often wonder how to match their blush and lip colours. The best (and simplest) way to solve this is to use your blush colour on your lips. This could be as the base lip product or as a topper, depending on your preference.

Powder blushes are best used on top of a lipstick or balm, shifting the tone and finish to match your cheeks. After sweeping the powder on your cheeks with a fluffy brush, try dabbing it in the centre of your lips with a clean finger. Laura Mercier’s Blush Infusion in Ginger will give you a peachy matte lip, while with NARS’ Orgasm you’ll get a pinky peach colour with a modern semi-metallic finish. If you’re using this technique with Jouer’s Blush Bouquet Dual Blush Palette, you can use one colour on the cheeks and the other to set the lip and still get the same unified effect as the colours perfectly match.

One of the great things about cream blushes is that they’re designed to be used for both cheeks and lips with ease. They can be applied as a subtle stain by rubbing a small amount through the centre of the lips, or built up as a full yet natural lip colour. Stila’s Convertible Colour works best when dabbed on the lips with a finger, while Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks Blush Stick can be swiped on directly, then patted in. With Mecca Cosmetica’s Hydra Cheek Tint and Illuminating Balm Duo you can control how much radiance your lips have by first applying the blush colour and then building up the highlighting balm on top.

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