We tried it: MECCA HQ trials Too Faced’s new skincare range


Here at MECCA HQ, we’re real skincare sceptics. We know what we love, and while we’re forever trying new beauty, we’re not often—or easily—swayed by the brand-spanking-new. So, when we got word that Too Faced were launching a skincare line (with the unlikely key ingredient of real-life stardust), we were intrigued. Their global makeup legacy is unparalleled—just about every MECCA employee owns at least one of their palettes or a Better Than Sex Mascara—but skincare? Well that’s a whole new ballgame. Fuelled by curiosity and recently realised dreams of basking in certified stardust, our unofficial test crew (made up of our pickiest skincare users) put the brand’s first foray into skincare to the test. The results speak for themselves.

Kerri tried: Wash The Day Away Pore-Purifying Gentle Foaming Cleanser

"A foaming cleanser is an essential part of my double-cleansing routine (I usually use the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser as step two, following Drunk Elephant’s Slaai Cleanser), so while I was very familiar with the concept, I was definitely intrigued to find out how a brand that delivers for me in the palette department could produce a cleanser that I’d be happy to use in my daily routine. WELL. At first, I felt slightly overwhelmed by the cleanser’s pina colada-esque scent, with my worries melting away (and the scent becoming far more subtle) as I lathered the formula between my hands and onto my face. Rather than feeling sudsy, like many foaming cleansers do, the foam felt super rich and creamy… almost milky? It was as if it was really nourishing my skin rather than stripping it. (That must be the hyaluronic.) After rinsing, my skin didn’t feel dry or tight, and after a few days I noticed my pores looked less noticeable. Not going to lie, I was quite surprised and did not by any means expect such a visible result. Love!"

Emily tried: Hangover Good in Bed Ultra-Replenishing Hydrating Serum

"How would I describe my skin after applying only a couple of pumps of this coconut-scented serum? Juicy. Very juicy. It felt like an instant gulp of water for my skin; I applied it right after cleansing and just before my nightly face cream and noticed how quickly it absorbed into my skin without leaving any sticky residue (win!). After a couple of minutes my skin felt soft to the touch and had a real plumpness to it too. I’m always on the lookout for serums that contain plenty of hyaluronic acid, but this is the first one I’ve found that’s combined with coconut water. Because they both replenish the skin instantly, this blend is a must if, dry or dehydrated skin is something you want to alleviate. I’m a fan! I’m also awarding it extra points for the cheeky name."

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Enya tried: Hangover Pillow Cream

"I’m always game to try new products and when I was handed this moisturiser I was instantly sucked in by the iridescent glow (and my secret desire to be a witch). On first impressions, she was thick (actually make that ‘thicc’, with two c’s) but not oily, which this oily-skin gal can really appreciate. The rich moisturiser dreamily glides onto your skin, drying down by the time your head hits your pillows (no greasy residue in sight!). The cream smells so delicious—I would eat it if I could—and imbues the skin with a next-level glow thanks to super charged minerals from ~real stardust~. I couldn’t ask for more: after each use, my skin was hydrated, plump and glowy by morning. And to be totally honest… I loved it so much I applied a full face of this (night) cream and spot concealed where needed before Sunday brunch for a glowy ‘no makeup-makeup’ for a base that was genuinely makeup-free."

Kat tried: Hangover Pillow Balm Lip Treatment

"Stardust in my lip balm?! This I had to try. Cooling, tingly, hydrating and balmy are the words that literally came to my lips when I sampled the new lip hydrator from Too Faced (hiding the embargoed potion from my housemates while doing so). Although the name suggests PM use, I’ve been swiping this plumping balm on morning, afternoon and overnight, resulting in my lips feeling smoother, sweeter and juicer than the aptly-named Doja Cat track, Juicy. The balm is unassumingly powerful, and while I can’t say for sure what exactly the shooting star-derived minerals do, this supercharged balm is definitely from my kind of galaxy."

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