Photograph by Pete Daly.

When we said we wanted work-life balance for 2017 this is what we were asking for. Yes, behold our practical Monday-Friday hopes and our glimmering, party-perfect dreams made real in one eyeshadow edit. Eyes on the twinkly prize, everyone—we’ve got a feeling this one’s going to GO—and fast.

Since mattes are on the uptrend for Autumn/Winter, we’ll start there; every one of these superfine, pretty dusts is going to get a workday workout—the brightening accents, the highlights and a velvet-effect vanilla baseline upon which to build some smokey haze for after hours. We’re particularly loving the au-naturel contour colour, the very serviceable boardroom-to-brunch beige, and the heathery purple-grey is a bang-on mix of cool and warm and our new, universally amazing, next-level neutral. It’s all so fabulously pragmatic it makes us want to detox our desktops and get a head start on our tax returns.

So, on with the mirrorball metallics and all the gratuitous glimmer; hot sand, burnished golds, cool-shimmery charcoal and champagne are all gratifying Insta-glammers. We’re especially loving the live-wire copper that makes us all shimmer and glam like we’re Gigi and you’re Bella. That’s right, by day we’re desk side but tonight we shall be supermodels. Work-life balance #goals.


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