The World’s Most Exclusive Fragrance

Photograph by Pete Daly.

The new and luscious-beyond-words perfume extrait from undisputed master Serge Lutens has just dropped—and it’s mind-blowing. Veilleur de Nuit is the newest in his extreme-luxe Section d’Or collection, an ultra potent extrait of bottled intrigue. The name translates to ‘the Night Watchman’ and there’s definitely something dark and shadowy and primal about how it lingers on your skin. It costs $926 and, trust us, it’s worth every cent.

Creative visionary Serge Lutens has been influencing the Zeitgest since the 60s. A filmmaker, photographer and an art director, he’s collaborated with luminaries such as Guy Bourdin and Irving Penn, and also happens to be one of the world’s most influential perfumers, responsible for revolutionary scents such as Tubereuse Criminelle and Cannibal.

With this fragrance, as usual, Lutens thumbs his French nose at convention, and has created his own incarnation of the rare cocoa-dusted floral fragrance. Forget syrupy, cloying sweet child’s play—this chocolate feel is the dark, bitter sinfulness you get in Paris and it’s underscored with an animal musk that seems to vibrate with the heat of your blood. Christopher Sheldrake is again Lutens’s perfumer and he is the god of turning sexy tuberose into something you’ve never smelled before. Thus a ping of vetiver, the tincture of sharp chocolate… It’s weird and wondrous yet so wearable. Therein lies the genius—powerful but not overpowering. It’s the perfect potion.


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