MECCA’s edit from RéVive: the top 3 products to try now

Psst. An anti-ageing product line founded by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon? Sign. Us. Up.

Dr Gregory Bays Brown founded RéVive Skincare after spending decades working on a bioengineered formula to heal skin on burn patients.

He figured out that this kind of innovation could also be effective on ageing skin as well, and experimented by dissolving the epidermal growth factor (EGF — which, by the way, ended up winning a Nobel Prize) into his mother’s Elizabeth Arden face cream. And the rest, as they say, is history – or as we see it as MECCA — some pretty extraordinary formulas in a jar for you. Here’s our top three picks from RéVive.


This is the one product that Bays Brown recommends everyone should be using. It’s a bit of a two-in-one product: it moisturises as expected with squalane, shea butter and olive oil, but it also retexturises the skin, which means it very gently exfoliates and renews the skin — that’s thanks to the inclusion of glycolic acid. As a plastic surgeon, Bays Brown considers skin as three-dimensional and knows that the skin’s texture is about both the look and feel. The result? This powerful moisturiser will have you waking up with even skin tone and a natural glow.


No more tired-looking eyes with this waitlisted pot of magic. This is a super concentrated eye mask that you’ll only need once, tops twice weekly since it’s so rich (it’s a proper ‘mask’ for the eye, not just a name for a thick eye cream). Ophthalmologist-tested and safe for contact lens-wearers, this soothes the skin around the eye, depuffs, firms and diminishes the appearance of fine lines thanks to hyaluronic filling spheres.


The name of this one is literally, ‘radiance mask’. What’s not to love? Like many of RéVive’s other products, this brightening moisture mask deceptively offers more than what its name suggests, seriously delivering on radiance with vitamin C and what it calls “energy-building block adenosine triphosphate” which helps to maintain skin health by providing energy to drive processes in our skin cells. And, for a novelty factor, the mask turns from pearly white to a shimmery shade of gold, and comes with an applicator which you then use to massage the skin with.


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