A Major Miracle Water

Photograph by Pete Daly.

Run. Break land-speed records. For the love of all that is sacred run. Of all the facial essences blowing up the beauty radar right now, this one, drawn from historic healing springs in Budapest, just propelled itself into the lead. Thermal, truly transdermal, a tonic for every single skin type, Omoressence was scienced by the Nobel Prize-winning lab that first isolated Vitamin C. When the skin care junkies get wind of this, it’s going to go faster than we can say ‘most glorious skin of your life’.

First, let us worship at the altar of Omorovicza for a moment. In Budapest, where the Earth’s crust is so uniquely fine that thermal water bubbles up through mineral rock, the ancestors of brand founder Stephen de Heinrich Omorovicza built a bath house on the site of a medicinal spring. That was in the 1800s and, ever since, beauty pilgrims have come to bathe, revitalise and defy ageing in the Hungarian capital. In 2005, Stephen took an American beauty, Margaret, to his home city and the couple fell in love with each other—and the waters. They married and decided to bottle the miracle ritual in a line of luxurious muds, moisturisers, serums and spritzes. The rest is history. Sigh.

But we’re not here to be side-tracked by the deep romance of it all. Back to your cushiony collagen, supple texture and insanely radiant skin tone. Other essences, applied after cleanser, could be called boosters for treatment serums. Omoressence is a sky rocket. Powered by vitamin-loaded water from the thermal baths and upgraded with amino acids and humectants that draw in moisture, it not only preps skin to get the most out of other treatments, it actively repairs. Mineral Silicium re-plumps collagen for supple lift, neater pores and fewer lines. Rhamnose Polysaccharide stops bacteria and pollution from sparking flare-ups of inflammation. Omorovicza’s patented Hydro Mineral Transference system, designed by the same lab that won a Nobel Prize for antioxidants, helps it all soak deep into cells.

Splash and dash, break it out in emergencies—the bright, silky impact is instant. Use this lovely lotion in your everyday ritual to keep things consistently gorgeous between Summer, Winter, and when you travel. Foundation, SPF, tinted moisturiser and BB cream couldn’t get a better canvas. It’s your new everything.


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