Photograph by Pete Daly.

Pretty blush is BACK. Shelve the turbo bronze and contour; this season it’s all about prettying up those cheeks. We’re reading these new limited-edition NARSissist Cheek Palettes as a direct memo from makeup master François Nars: it’s time to reskill on the many glorious and glow-giving arts of coloured blush, from ethereal dewy flushes to statement pinks and experimental accents.

Nars deals in photogenic, zoom-proof makeup that looks fabulous without FaceTune. And his latest masterpieces, Unfiltered I and Unfiltered II, are shade-perfect edits of matte, sheen and shimmer—and real-time reminders that blush is Mr Nars’ thing. Synced to skin tone, these new shades serve up the kind of dramatic pretty that will make people double-take, stare admiringly, and ask who your facialist/ nutritionist/ life coach is. Tap on a plush apricot sheen (the ‘Me First’ shade in Unfiltered I is perfection) and bask in the kind of dewy loveliness that you probably stay up too late and drink too much coffee to truly deserve. Unfiltered I also features a stunning matte red flush that will tune into a medium/dark complexion and change your face, if not your life as you know it.

And then there’s Unfiltered II to explore; wield your fluffy brush and blur on a custom blend of these pink hues and know what it’s like to radiate as sweetly sexy as a Victoria’s Secret angel on a treadmill. All of it is, naturally, right on fashion cue for SS17. Your case studies: Tom Pecheux’s all-flattering coral wash at Chanel, the expensive flush at Dolce & Gabbana, and the sweet, powdery pastel cheeks by Gucci. Welcome back friend, we’re thrilled to see you.