Photograph by Pete Daly.

Extremely seriously, if we had to make a call between this excellent new concealer and a literal pot of gold at the end of our rainbow, we’d take the coin, simply to buy more of this concealer. We’re all about smart skinvestments and this whispery soft yet serious matte cover up is a new kind of genius.

Reason A: It’s long-awaited, new Nars tech. And Mr Nars is the high wizard of makeup that reads like real skin.

Reasons B-Z: Built with a little more oomph, the stretchy-strong particles are interlaced so they hold together and hover over fine lines, pores and furrows. Cranked with vitamins A, C and E plus collagen-pumping peptides, the cover also double shifts as a targeted treatment. And, because it’s oil-free, this camouflage will valiantly keep your cool together in hot, slippery conditions.

But here lies the genius: the spherical surface powders in this concealer refract, rather than reflect light like your other concealers. By absorbing light instead of bouncing it back, the matte-ness quietly blurs and vanishes the bits you’re erasing without accidentally spotlighting that you’ve got something going on. Et voilà: heavy-hitter, full-scale cover that is more featherweight and invisible than ever.

Of course, a truly great concealer does more than just cover; tap this onto your lids to give shadow extra grip or over lips to mute out your natural tint and enhance your lipstick hue. You could also grab two, or a few, shades (it comes in 16 shades from ivory through to peach and deep, delicious coffee) to customise a completely believable nontour-contour.

Merci Monsieur.


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