Attention womankind! Prepare to bask in a soft-focus afterglow as a self-satisfied smile tickles your lips, for, oh yes, Orgasm is now a lipstick.

The latest NARS Orgasm collection is upon us and, this time, the pinky peach shade that turned the world back on to blush comes in 1) a limited edition powder blush compact, 2) a new lusty cheek oil and, finally, 3) a proper lipstick. Naturally, you do not need us to tell you that this is life-making. A new compact of the original cult Orgasm blush—launched in 1999, makes some girl in the world happy every single 60 seconds.

So here’s what’s new. If the Limited Edition Orgasm Powder Blush is the ideal shimmer, this year’s slinky Liquid Blush edition is the best sheer glisten we’ve ever seen. Sexed up with moisturising Monoi and Tamanu oils, speckled with even finer golden flecks, the peach tone uplights skin with a diffused, not-quite-sweaty sultry sheen. We’re also obsessed with layering it over our powder Orgasm to intensify pigment and go off-Richter AMAZING.

Now, the lipstick. The sexy, sexy lipstick. NARS lippies have the best colour-to-conditioner ratio in the game and we say this Orgasm pink is his most effective satin finish yet. Lustrous, without tipping into artificial gloss territory, it’s like your naked lip, only balmier, lusher, like you’ve just been kissed. It’s so right. Whichever neutral lipstick you thought you loved, it’s over. Break up with it and tell it to pack. Once you have Orgasm you’ll never go back.

Story by Tracey Withers.


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