NARSissist Wanted Palette

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a handsome hunter, the son of a river god and nymph, known for being so ridiculously good looking, he fell in love with his own reflection. Suffering from the ultimate unrequited love (and a little vanity), Narcissus couldn’t bring himself to break away from such a mesmerising sight and met his demise as he sat staring at himself through starvation and thirst ‘til he was no more.

In MECCA mythology, this NARSissist story is somewhat lighter—though no less good looking. A pretty, perfectly formed palette that wields the power for one to fall in love with their own reflection. The best part? This handsome guywill love you in return.

It all starts with a colour spectrum that suits all eye colours and skin tones. The 12 shades (including NARS classics Coconut Grove and Biarritz) are rendered in matte, satin, metallic and glitter finishes to offer something for everyone—and for all hours of the day. Nine-to-five neutrals come together with after-dark vamp, on-trend copper and rust hues live alongside celestial sparkle. Flexibility (and a clever new formulation which we’ll get to in a sec) means the different finishes can be layered together for endless combinations.

Which brings us to the innovation (a calling card of the NARS brand): liquid suspension powder. A new eyeshadow formulation from the brand that translates into creamy, pigment-rich shades. The buttery texture is seriously blendable, seriously buildable with killer colour payoff for days.

Being modern mythology, all of this selfie-ready beauty is packed into a sleek, mirrored palette about the same size as your smartphone, so you can slip your new love into your sleekest of clutches for when you do eventually break away from the feel-good reflection (we’ll wait).

ETA: Well, we knew this one would be good, we just didn’t realise how good! The NARSissist Wanted Palette is currently unavailable online. Please check your nearest store for stock availability, and stay tuned for updates on new stock arrivals.

Helene Pappas
February 2018