A Match Made In Beauty Heaven

Photograph by Pete Daly.

Charlotte Gainsbourg has turned her iconoclastic Parisian style into a NARS makeup collection. The low-fi smoulder. The unplugged colour accents. The innate coolness. It’s all here in this very special collaboration between two French masters—makeup maestro Monsieur Nars and musician/actress/fashion muse Gainsbourg.

The daughter of legendary singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg and musician and style icon Jane Birkin (of the Hermès handbag), Charlotte grew up deep in the Parisian boho scene of the ‘70s. Being born into style royalty can twist a girl’s sense of identity but Gainsbourg, in the spotlight from childhood, owned her unique angles right from the start. As she recently told “I was able to ask people not to try to change me too much. I know who I am, I know where I’m comfortable.”

This is not one of those swifties—here Charlotte has not simply stamped her name on a compact and called it her own—she’s imbued her unique sense of chic into the collection. Mssr. Nars handed over complete creative control to Gainsbourg—every translucence, tint and texture is by her design. As she told The MECCA Memo: “I created it around my own exact beauty needs. I couldn’t do something that was the opposite of my beauty philosophy so it had to be quite natural.”

It all begins with a new foundation, that’s not exactly a foundation. The gorgeous sheer Hydrating Glow Tint delivers that effortless French beauty look—like you’ve just walked out of a facial and your skin’s dressed but not ‘done’. Mais oui.

Gainsbourg also rewired NARS’ cult The Multiple lip and cheek into sexily see-through gestures of poppy red (Alice), pink (Jo) named for her daughters and a dewy berry called Jeanne, the nickname her father gave her mum. Her limited edition Lip Tints and Velvet Matte Lip Pencil give you the kind of natural shades you get from “crying, running”, she says. They’re “nothing flashy—just tints.”

A smokey eye has always been Gainsbourg’s go-to when she’s dialing things up. But if you scan the deep mosses, teals and navies of the Velvet Duo Eyeshadows and Kohliners in her collection and think black is missing, it’s not. Dark slate grey is Gainsbourg’s black—delivering a subtle, lived-in kind of eyeliner. French makeup may be all about restraint but we’ll be struggling to contain ourselves around this exciting new collab.


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