Micellar Micellar
Photograph by Pete Daly.

Now this is a miracle micellar water. Holy water, some might call it. The super labs of La Mer have just fused the genius of ultra-cleansing micelles with the curative powers of their iconic marine Miracle Broth. Oh happy day.

To get a grip on how far this holy water has power-lifted the game, let’s recap on the micellar trend. Hydrating makeup remover that doesn’t need to be rinsed away has been big news since some models found an old formula in a French pharmacy, told their makeup artists, and the internet took it from there. Enter the luxe La Mer trade-up: these micelles (the micro-oil particles that magnetise makeup and toxins so grime is then swept clean away with a fresh cotton pad) are suspended not in standard water, but in La Mer’s softening deconstructed water and the antioxidant, regenerative Miracle Broth as bio-fermented from kelp. Sure, it’s a way for tired and/or lazy types to moisturise and blitz makeup before falling face-down into bed (hurrah!), but each cleanse with this lovely liquid is also an anti-ageing infusion, a rejuvenating shot of nutrients, and a tonic that preps skin for serums or cream.

MECCA staffers fought for the maiden test. The victor reports purified, supple, off-the-charts glow. And a delightful zing. Not a tingle (for this is as gentle as angel tears); a zing that says good, active things are happening already. She has, as yet, not brought her sample back.


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