Watch: This new mascara will give you wild, wild length

Flaking? Nope. Smudging? Nuh-uh. Clumping? Not gonna happen. Consider your mascara woes cancelled, courtesy of the new MECCA MAX Whip Lash Mascara. Coating your lashes from root to tip, this gravity-defying glossy black mousse lifts, defines and sculpts for a your-lashes-but-better look.

Satisfyingly whipped, this mascara delivers on its no-flake promise—it’s a tubing mascara made with next-gen polymers that wrap around your lashes, so you can trust it will never crumble onto your cheeks or cause your lashes to droop. That, and it won’t smudge, so you can swipe it on, live your life, and splash it off at the end of the day without looking like Jenny Humphries in the latter seasons of Gossip Girl. Did we mention it’s just $25?

Next-gen tubing technology is the star of the show
This polymer-powered, smudge-free formula wraps around each lash to create a custom tube, which glides off easily with the help of a little water pre-bedtime.

Expect serious separation and definition
The unique bubble wand does more than just look good: it gets right in-between each lash to coat and define with no clumping to be seen.

It’s all about the wild, wild length
Like magic, this mascara extends the length of each individual lash. The more coats you layer up, the longer your lashes will become.

This is a no-flake zone
Unlike that one friend who bails at the last minute, this stay-put mascara won’t leave you flaked on. In fact, the only time it will leave your lashes is when you want it to.


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