Le Labo's new gent's collection

Whether you’re a bearded fellow or just share the bathroom vanity with one, Le Labo’s new grooming line-up requires your attention.

Styled as throwback to Americana barbershops, the formulations and textures here are luxuriously new-world (and vegan, paraben-free and phthalate-free): silky shaving cream, lightweight beard oil, Don Draper-approved hair pomade and an intriguing face bronzer (more on that later), to call out a few.

And while it’s from the cult perfumery, the scent here is barely detectable, so as to not compete with your actual fragrance (clever!).

Equally pleasing? These guys are very easy on the eyes. A welcome disruption to the idea that all men’s grooming products must be rendered in inoffensive grey, Le Labo’s aesthetic here is simple and stylish. Think deep-amber pots, vials and tubes, stamped with ‘old-timey’ gold lettering that flirts with Wild West saloon cosplay—without ever stepping over the line. Translation? It’s classic and universally appealing: your hipster boyfriend will love it, your rebellious brother who pretends he’s not into grooming will get it, as will your nostalgic dad.

So, as you prepare to hand over valuable vanity real estate, consider this: if you’ve ever lost an eye cream or moisturiser to your significant other, the aforementioned bronzer is your chance to get one back. We adore it. Don’t be fooled by the black colour of this gel, as you buff it on (barefaced, under foundation, over foundation) the colour transforms into the most natural, matte sun-kissed colour.

For the final word on the range, we hit up MECCA man Davin, who summed up its appeal succinctly: “I’m excited that it’s something just for the guys,” he said. “It’s a huge range, well thought-out and exactly what a guy needs—all from one brand… Take my money!”

Words by Helene Pappas
December 2017


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