Kat Burki’s cold-processed natural wonders

We all know that cold-processed juices deliver wellness benefits and all-round deliciousness, but have you tried cold-processed skincare? Juicing fruits and vegetables above a certain temperature can diminish their natural benefits. The same theory can be applied to topical products. At the forefront of the heat-free brigade is Kat Burki, an all-natural beauty brand from the US with such luminous fans as Julianne Moore. No straw required to enjoy it.

Natural beauty doesn’t mean daubing your skin in tea tree oil and staining your lips with beetroot. The most compelling brands in the natural firmament fuse earthy ingredients with cutting-edge science and anti-ageing innovations. Witness Kat Burki, launching at Mecca Cosmetica this month. Its super-effective formulas are designed to maximise the potential of each ingredient through cold-pressing technology. As in your vibrant juices and vivid olive oils, cold pressing ingredients means nothing is heated above 48 degrees Celsius. By keeping the temperatures low, the ingredients maintain their God-given benefits and the highest levels of efficacy.

Another major advantage of the collection is that it’s filler-free. That means no alcohol, dimethicone or water—just the brand’s signature blend, KB5™ Complex. The nutrient-rich blend, which boasts anti-inflammatory benefits, is paired with the most potent natural ingredients, including botanical hyaluronic acid, rose hip seed oil, plant stem cells, and reishi mushroom. The products are as sensorial as they are sophisticated, as Alexa Chung, Chloe Sevigny, and Julianne Moore can no doubt attest.

It evidently helps that Burki herself has a nutrition background and a couple of health law and nutritional science degrees under her belt. All that brain power has been channelled into creating her meticulous skincare range. Vitamin C, the antioxidant prized for brightening and tightening, features prominently in the line. The Vitamin C Cleansing Balm and Intensive Face Cream are a truly dynamic duo for transforming a lacklustre complexion. And unlike some Vitamin C products on the market, they smell amazing.

Next on our lust-list is Rose Hip Intense Recovery Eye Serum. It’s an instant cure for puffy morning eyes, with additional benefits of evening out skin tone and reducing fine lines in this delicate area. To turbo-boost the serum (or any product), there’s the Micro-Firming Wand. The small, battery-operated device helps to deliver serums, creams or oils 30 percent deeper into the complexion. Using ionic energy, the wand automatically begins vibrating when moisture is sensed and stops when the product is fully absorbed. Smart, huh?

For your Sunday night deep clean, the Restorative Dual Acid Peel effectively takes skin back to square one. Not adolescence but a clean slate. It reverses sun damage, refines skin texture and stimulates new skin cells. It creates the cherubic skin you hope to have after several hours at a day spa, but it takes as little as five minutes. Talk about a natural wonder.

Words by Alexandra Whiting
April 2018


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