Become a complexion perfectionist

When it comes to nailing a flawless finish, Hourglass proves its mettle yet again with innovative new ways to set and refresh your makeup.

The elusive airbrushed visage—one that looks as good at 5pm as it did when you left the house. It reads as healthy skin, not makeup, and leaves people wondering what your stealthy regime consists of. Green juice? Crystal therapy? Bee venom? Chanel Temple, Global Makeup Artist at Hourglass, has mastered this coveted look and her weapon of choice is Veil.

Hourglass devotees know that the Veil collection includes the brand’s collagen-boosting foundation and sought-after primer. Now, Veil is expanding with a trio of new products that create an exquisitely airbrushed complexion. First up is Veil Retouching Fluid, a tinted serum expressly designed to revive and refresh the skin, especially during the inevitable 3pm slump. How genius.

“This weightless fluid refreshes your face without disrupting your existing makeup,” says Temple. Available in six shades, it’s ideal for revitalising under eye concealer without looking excessive. “It doesn’t just sit on the surface­—it actually blends into your makeup to make you look revived and hydrated.”

The second addition is Veil Translucent Setting Powder, a refined loose powder that blurs imperfections with a soft-focus finish. “One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is not setting their makeup,” says Temple. “This step is so important because it increases the staying power of your foundation and it makes anything you put on top, such as bronzer and blush, apply so much more evenly.”

Think that powder will make your skin dry, flat and lifeless? Well, that’s what makes this product a standout. It’s formulated with diamond powder (instead of chalky talc) to create the most natural skin finish, especially when applied with Hourglass’s new double-ended Veil brush . These canny Veil extensions confirm why Hourglass remains the complexion perfectionist.

Words by Romy Erdos
June 2018


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