Hourglass Hourglass
Photograph by Pete Daly.

What is this miracle? It feels like a serum, yet stretches so far surely it must be fluid. It’s a stick that corrects pigmentation and other blips better than cream concealer. Yet it’s weightless. Traceless. With next-level staying power. Did we mention that it’s a miracle?

We have broken through the foundation frontier, to a place where skin looks so real it’s surreal everyone! (Literally everyone – there are 24 shades). But let’s talk practicalities: Skip primer, unless you lean extra dry, because pore- and wrinkle-refiners are built in. Tap, tap, massage it in under eyes to vanish circles or beneath brows for arch lift. As a complete base, this finish reads as velvety and expensive; it’s high coverage that will hold up until very late at night. Go easier and you’re glowier than a Hadid sister on a vitamin drip all day.

Some of the sorcery is in ultra-concentrated skin-syncing pigments. The extra trick? A matching Vanish Seamless Foundation Brush is your blur tool. Triangulated to deploy the right dose with precision, it also does that ‘non-touring’ invisible contouring thing every girl and her blog is talking about right now.


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