Grace Coddington for CDG Grace Coddington for CDG
Photograph by Pete Daly.

Because Grace Coddington is…Grace Coddington. Because here is a celebrity scent that’s totally worth it. The stampede is on; it’s fragrance-phile vs fashion die-hard vs everybody racing those who worship cats. For Grace is not just a really good rose perfume: the first-ever fragrance by the former model, current Vogue Creative Director At Large and all-time fashion icon, is the trophy scent of the season.

At first nose, it is deceptively simple. Citrusy Bergamot and a burst of Basil, opening into lush Rose absolute. But then it really unfurls; Cashmere wood, Musk, a piquant green vetiver forms the unexpected base note. Coddington called friends in creative places to rewire her favourite floral. Comme des Garçons has a rep for the unconventional, so creative director Christian Astuguevielle picked roses from the Welsh gardens where young Grace grew up, pulled the petals off and reassembled them in a CDG way (before finishing it off with a Grace-designed cat cap and illustrations on the bottle sleeve). This rose is not over-cultivated, nor a flimsy rosewatery thing. It is a rose for very politely getting kick-ass business done (in a respectable shoe). In a very New-Yorker-Brit kind of way, of course.


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