As recommended by Gwyneth: these are the 5 best products from Goop to try.

If you’ve read about Goop and wondered what its products are like: read this. Gwyneth Paltrow’s high performing yet natural beauty line is filled with hidden treasures that focus on enhancing your natural glow. From moisturisers to serums, see this as your crib sheet on how to get started on that GP radiance.

GOOP GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator

This has been a clear GOOP bestseller here at MECCA. “It’s one of my favourites, and the results are instantaneous,” founder Gwyneth Paltrow tells MECCA and the customer reviews echo the sentiment. And as the name suggests, it’s a microdermabrasion facial in a jar with both physical and chemical exfoliants. The texture is thick and mousse-like, polishing and smoothing skin without causing microtears for immediate glow whilst also strengthening the skin barrier.

GOOP GOOPGLOW 15% Glycolic Acid Overnight Glow Peel

Paltrow again looked to professional treatments for inspiration – this one is inspired by professional chemical peels that refine and retexturise the skin so we can wake up looking less morning-blergh, more glowy. “We don’t call it the GOOPGLOW collection for nothing!” as she says. Glycolic acid is the smallest naturally occurring AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) so it gets absorbed even deeper and faster than its counterparts. Use this one once a week to whisk away dead skin cells and to encourage cell regeneration while making skin smoother and look healthier.

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GOOP GOOPGLOW 20% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Glow Serum

With many brands offering vitamin C and hyaluronic serums separately, Goop combines our two favourites to make this a must for the mornings (and don’t forget to apply your SPF afterwards). Vitamin C serums are notoriously difficult to stabilise making the texture difficult to handle, but trust us when we say this formula is one of the best ones out there; it’s thinner so makes it far easier than its counterparts to spread over your face. You’ll see results from this powerful serum in the long run.

GOOP GOOPGENES All-In-One Nourishing Face Cream

Described as a “supercream” by Paltrow herself, this whipped butter balm of a face cream does it all. Packed with plant-based actives and adaptogens to plump the skin, improve firmness, elasticity, radiance and glow, a little goes surprisingly a long way. Its balm-like texture sets it apart from other daily moisturisers and absorbs into the skin incredibly quickly.

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GOOP GOOPGENES All-In-One Nourishing Eye Cream

This eye cream replenishes dry skin under the eye with plant-based actives and adaptogens like Schisandra berry which is used in traditional Chinese and Kampo medicine, to replenish dry skin under the eye. The eye cream also has arjuna, an Indian herbal astringent and knotgrass extract to protect the skin from UV and infrared damage as well as Persian silk tree extract to support cell energy and target signs of ageing or tired skin.


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