Fornasetti Candle Fornasetti Candle
Photograph by Pete Daly.

For the fragrancephiles among us, some breaking news: Fornasetti have released a brand new collectible, the L’Eclaireuse candle. The venerable Italian fragrance house don’t launch a new scent every week/month/year you understand; a fragrance addition to the collection is especially rare. The fragrance within L’Eclaireuse, known as Mistero, is an elegant affair of cypress, geranium, cedar and sandalwood composed by Grasse perfume house Robertet.

Art enthusiasts will love it for the design alone. Piero Fornasetti’s take on interiors, furniture and liveable art first became a cult in the ‘50s; his favourite motif, the face of Italian soprano Lina Cavalieri, once considered the most beautiful woman in the world, became the Fornasetti legend’s most enduring icon. On one side of L’Eclaireuse’s artisanally-crafted ceramic jar, she appears as an Indian princess, a nod to the rich incense of the scent. On the flipside, she’s an eye-patched corsair, a wink at the intrigue the smouldering wax seems to release into the air. Let it light up your Summer-party season (you’ve got about 80 hours up your sleeve), then flaunt your Fornasetti objet d’art on your coffee table.


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