Fornasetti MECCA20 Regalo Candle

Is there anything better than a beautiful, decorative Fornasetti candle on your mantlepiece? Yes. How about a limited-edition MECCA20 Regalo Candle launched exclusively this month to help celebrate our 20th birthday!

CEO of United Perfumes Laurent Delafon says the candle was designed to pay homage to MECCA’s special anniversary.

“It’s an olfactive floral ode to spring in a bespoke design appropriately named Regalo (meaning “gift” in Italian). It was created by Barnaba Fornasetti to celebrate 20 years of fabulous beauty and innovation,” he says.

This stunning candle is handmade using the best quality ingredients from a vegetal wax recipe and best of all it’s a work of art and forever keepsake—perfect for that hard-to-gift friend! The ceramic vessel has a tied red-ribbon design and features Opera muse Lina Cavalieri, who inspired Italian painter and sculptor Piero Fornasetti. He was so taken with this muse, he discovered in a 19th-century magazine that he created more than 500 variations of the singer’s face—many of which can be found on the Fornasetti candle holder.

Lift the lid to reveal a pretty coral-coloured candle and set alight to unleash the irresistible flora scent featuring a delicate boutique of Lily of the Valley, White Rose, Iris, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Tuberose, Sandalwood, Musk all married together to produce a heady fragrance that lingers in a room for hours. It has a burning time of about 60-80 hours, but don’t despair when the candle is at an end—Fornasetti is the gift that keeps on giving—simply use the decorative art work to store your treasures.

“Fornasetti profumi candles bring a little Fornasetti decorative and olfactive whimsy to our home. And once the wax is all burnt off, you are left with an incredible decorative object,”Delafon says.

Fornasetti fans stay tuned in 2018 for more collectible candles. Delafon reveals: “We are excited about releasing a new scent created to complement an opera produced by Barnaba Fornasetti and Romeo Gigli.”

The biggest decision you’ll have to make is whether to gift MECCA20 Regalo to your loved one or keep it all to yourself!

Words by Anita Quade
October 2017

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