The cult-status peels we can’t keep in stock: here’s everything you need to know

When you’ve worked at MECCA for a while, you pick up a superpower—and that’s being able to identify anyone who works, or has worked, at MECCA by their skin. Truly. Like a school uniform, many of us eventuate to have this identifiably smooth, clear skin—and it all comes down to one product: Dr. Dennis Gross’ iconic Alpha Beta Daily Peel.

You’ve probably heard skincare-obsessives gush about the 5th Avenue doctor’s revolutionary at-home peel treatments, and we thought it was only fair for those not yet on the peel pad bandwagon (or rather, limousine) that we had a little chat about how they work, and why they’re really *that* good.


Available in standard, extra and gentle strengths, Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Daily Peel system comes in the form of a dual sachet, with step one—a pad soaked in potent alpha and beta hydroxy acids that gently and effectively loosen layers of dead skin cells and treat pores—and step two, a secondary pad doused in a formula of powerful antioxidants and anti-ageing actives to renew your skin and restore a fresh, clear glow. You can use them in the morning or night, they require zero downtime, and create a super clear, absorbent base for your following skincare to glide on and soak in like a dream.


It all comes down to science. Our skin is naturally acidic, so instead of overloading it with actives (and nothing to balance it out), these peels work with your skin to improve its overall health. Rather than using a highly concentrated glycolic peel, for example, Dr. Dennis Gross blends together a cocktail of acids (three in the gentle formula, five in the standard and seven in the extra strength), each with a different and complementary benefit. Almost instantly, and even more so in the long term, this game-changing system builds anti-ageing collagen, minimises the appearance of pores, and delivers on a noticeably brighter, smoother complexion. These peels work to prevent the breakdown of collagen, while also sending signals to produce new collagen—it’s some signalling magic that not even the strongest 5G network could compete with (or so we believe).

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According to Dr. Gross, “every 24 hours, a new layer of dead skin makes its way to the surface.” This dead skin can cause uneven texture, dullness and breakouts, and stops your skincare from penetrating deeply into the skin (lame!). It’s also the reason you have those days when your makeup just doesn’t sit right, even though you’ve done it the same way you always do.

Using a professional-strength peel—whether it’s at home or in a clinic—means you can overhaul dull, lackluster skin almost instantly to reveal serious glow. Let alone an investment in your skin, peeling regularly is an investment in your entire skincare routine, allowing each serum, active, oil and cream to work at its full potential. And the fact that you can use these in under five minutes without a week of red, blotchy-faced hibernation is just a bonus.


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