50 years of Diptyque fragrance

It’s been 50 years since Diptyque debuted its first ever perfume. To celebrate, the French fragrance house is launching Eau Tempo and Fleur de Peau—two gorgeous new additions to the brand’s Haute Parfumerie that are worth waiting half a century for.

In 1968, as a soundtrack of The Beatles’ White Album flooded airwaves and turntables, and the New Wave movement dominated the art world, Diptyque co-founder Desmond Knox-Leet dreamt up the first in a long line of covetable perfumes from the Parisian institution. Now, 50 years after the launch of L’Eau—a muddle of spice, old-world pomander, roses, cinnamon, cloves and orange (sadly no longer in rotation), and the Haute Parfumerie collection, the French brand are adding another two fragrances to their exquisite line-up.

Serving as olfactory odes to the revolutionary—and psychedelic—‘60s, the two new fragrances, Eau Tempo and Fleur de Peau, have been created in celebration of the French fragrance house’s long history. “The first fragrance L’Eau was a calm, artistic and scented revolution. It laid the foundations of olfactory creation; the beginning of the Haute Parfumerie story for the brand,” says Olivia Grimaux, global communication director at Diptyque.

In the woody Eau Tempo, there’s the return of rebellious patchouli, made mo re beautiful and refined with the addition of violet leaf for an elegant-meets-earthy sillage, while Fleur de Peau is a sophisticated floral elixir: musk tempered with iris, warm ambrette and peppercorn for an edge of spice. Grimaux continues, “Behind each scent, there is a story—true or dreamed. We do not design the woman or man that will embody the perfume, we create a true fragrant emotion and universe to be shared with our customers.”

Words by Helene Pappas
March 2018


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