How Too Faced’s Damn Girl mascara converted a non-mascara girl

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it. 24 hours with Too Faced’s new Damn Girl.

When the new Too Faced mascara Damn Girl landed on my desk, I knew this could be ‘the one’. From the creators of the cult favourite Better than Sex this had to be good.

There are so many mascaras on the market, blue, black, blue-black, brown, black-brown, hourglass, fine, toothy, broad. If you’re like me, you might have an abundance of crusty old would-haves and should-haves lying at the bottom of your makeup draw, all casualties when looking for the mascara that could be your ‘forever’.

And for me, a self-confessed no-makeup makeup girl, they all look similar. But I do know, that I want a mascara that will brighten my eyes and give me those long Daisy Duck lashes while still looking like my own natural lashes. Going into winter in Melbourne especially meant I need all the help I can get to brighten my tired lacklustre eyes. Winter is the season to breathe in a big sigh of thank-god-the-dramas-of-summer-are-over and breathe out lets-reinvent-and-rejuvenate. I’d been skipping out on mascara recently save for the occasional eyelash tint until I met Damn Girl.

A few days ago I very randomly and courageously decided to re-invent myself for Winter 2019 by channelling my inner “Euro-french-chic-ingenue’ thanks to a new haircut of 30 centimeters less hair. I was heading out that night to the opening of the NGV Winter Masterpieces to debut my new look, and decided to give Damn Girl a go.

Inside the metallic, and geometric packaging is the magic wand that would be my lash saviour. The brush is seriously thick and coated in mousse product, and initially I thought it might be overwhelming for my little dainty lashes. But, ta da! It went on super smoothly and my lashes still had a natural look. I knew I was onto a good thing when a few people walked past my desk that day and complimented me on my lashes and asked if I had had extensions—nope, au naturale, baby! As 5:59pm approached, (quick lash check: still good) I added my Stila Glitter & Glow liquid eye shadow and head for the door. Insert pun: Damn Girl, I was feelin’ good! But really… This small and handy lash wonder stick will be sure to land a solid spot in my makeup bag.

If you’re a Better Than Sex cult fan, you will love Damn Girl if you’re seriously into loooong lashes. Better Than Sex is the cute little sister to Damn Girl. She was cute and fun but Damn Girl is here for serious lash business.

24 hours later, (yes, I did wash it off) I was a Damn Girl mascara convert.

Words by Kat Wilkinson
June 2019


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