The No-Surgery Eye Lift

Photograph by Pete Daly.

Meet the gel that will destroy your best eye cream. Yes, we get that you’re attached to your favourite. And we appreciate beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, let’s face it a youthful look lies in fresh, bright, uplifted eyes. And that’s exactly what this miracle gel delivers. Time to trade up!

This is a very new-gel gel. Each tube of Chantecaille’s Rose Eye Lift brims with a billion microcapsules of age-defying oil, elegantly dispersed in Rose de Mai water, that glide then disappear into skin. And oh mai, it feels lush. Steam-distilled rosewater makes up 50 per cent of each shot of this serum-rich gel and that is intensely lovely. But, don’t let talk of super-plushness fool you, it also packs a punch. Rose de Mai is also a grenade of high-grade vitamin C and other antioxidants. This pretty pink tube is a weapon of mass age-reduction, people, and it’s come to obliterate every visible tell-tale sign of ageing–that means goodbye puffiness, dark shadowing, fine lines, crow’s feet and sagging.

Our army of testers report the softness is extreme and the eyelift effect is impressive. That would be the algae tensing blend, which forms an invisible film to literally hitch up sags and re-tighten loose skin. Lab tests showed a 30 per cent reduction in crow’s feet within an hour! As for bags under eyes, this gel and its special massage tip don’t just boost circulation to shift temporary, tired bloat like most fast fixes. An extract of Chrysanthellum Indicium (an all-powerful type of chamomile that skin care-makers would fight duels for) works to dissolve the fatty pockets that naturally collect under there as we age, deflating stubborn puffs within a month. Chantecaille has also upped the ante on the upper eyelids with an extract of Persian Silk Tree that reduces the droop of the eye fold by 91 per cent in two months. Every bit as excellent, because it soaks in and changes skin, rather than sitting on top, it doesn’t ball up and pill when you’re putting on primer, concealer or eyeshadow–it actually makes eye makeup better. Where do we sign up?


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