Trans-Seasonal Skin Rescue

Photograph by Pete Daly.

Your skin can’t work out whether it’s Summer, Autumn, or monsoon season. Or you’ve hopped across hemispheres and you’re way out of your routine. Wherever you are in the world right now, chances are your complexion is feeling the effects of a change of season. What you need right now is an instant shot of radiance; think of it like a 10-minute face lift. Behold the gold standard of skin rejuvenators, Chantecaille’s Biodynamic Lifting Mask.

What’s not to love about the multi-tasking, instantly gratifying effects of a great mask? They are just what the skin doctor ordered, especially in these tran-seasonal times.  Chantecaille takes luxe to the next level but this mask isn’t just luxe, it’s filled with scientific know-how; clever Hexapeptide dials down the effects of micro movements that make skin crinkle and wrinkle and delivers a massive moisture hit to plump sagging cells. A soothing extract from the Cylindrica plant knocks back inflammation that accelerates premature ageing while a skin-tightening agent also works its magic. The upshot? Fresh and supple skin boing in all the right places: cheeks, temples, jawline.

Time spent with this super-powered anti-ager will have the compliments rolling in and your complexion confidence at an all-time high. You’re welcome.


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