Byredo Byredo
Photograph by Pete Daly.

Textile perfume. Yes, artisanal scent for your clothes. Lightbulb! It's that fabulous thing you've always known your life needed and here it is, crafted brilliantly to purpose by cult parfum house Byredo.

The scent notes say Musk, Bergamot and Lily Of The Valley, but really this just smells of sunshine, clean starchy cotton and optimistic fresh-day feels. So mist with joy and abandon: it's unisexy—for his tee, for her tee, for you both before bed—and the kind of delicate trail that doesn't crowd anyone's space.

Of course, scent clouding clothing isn't a new idea. But you’ve always had to analyse the stain-risk of spritzing eau de parfum straight onto new-season Isabel Marant. Byredo specially constructed this spray to breathe, cling and uncoil gently from cloth. And it's all so lovely you may want it on your actual person, and because Toile is legit perfume, it lives gorgeously on skin, too. What a delightful invention. Life is just that bit nicer now.


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