Is this the best face mask ever?

Every so often, Planet Beauty senses a great disturbance in the force. A (non-Death Star-related) disruption that will forever change the beauty game as you know it. In this instance, said disturbance was the arrival of 111Skin’s Meso Infusion Micro Mask, a petite treatment patch that promises to deliver big results—and how.

Let’s start with the moniker: that’s meso, as in mesotherapy, not miso, like the side-order soup of your bento box lunch. Mesotherapy is the clinical treatment that sees skin-boosting ingredients delivered straight into the skin via micro injections.

This smart lil’ patch mask borrows the same principles from mesotherapy and comes laden with 150 micro-cones of pure hyaluronic acid to improve skin’s ability retain moisture, deeper hydration for diminished lines and smoother texture, and vitamin c—essential for collagen-production support, fighting free-radical damage and boosting overall radiance and tone. These dried micro-droplets adhere to your face, then melt for an immediate flooding of the skin with the kind of glowy goodness typically reserved for the likes of Margot Robbie (a fan of the brand) or those with a standing appointment at Dr Yannis Alexandries’ London clinic. (FYI: Dr Alexandrides—the man behind the mask—is the world-renowned plastic surgeon who specialises in facial reconstruction and rejuvenation. An advocate for non-surgical procedures, the good doctor originally created his products to help his patients’ skin heal after surgery. The demand for these regenerating products got so great, he was forced to create a permanent line for all.)

Our MECCA insider, and Regional Sales Manager, Rhian Godwin, cannot rave enough of the speedy effects of these masks: “Instant volume, instant smoothness, instant anti-ageing—Houston, we don’t have a problem,” she says. “The effect, topically, is like instant Botox.”

Flexibility is also a strong suit. The versatile mini masks can be applied under eyes, around the side of eyes, on frown lines or on the forehead. “It’s amazing in between eyebrows and under eyes as a filler,” says Godwin. “The area in which you choose to apply the mask completely erases any lines, wrinkles, any puffiness, leaving it completely smooth.” The only non-negotiable is patience: these guys need to be left on, untouched, for a minimum of two hours (and, at most, overnight), so best left for your Sunday me-time ritual.

Then there’s the cosmonauts-meets-cosmeceuticals factor. 111Skin was developed by Dr Alexandrides in collaboration with a team of space scientists who are dedicated to creating specialised treatments for astronauts’ damaged skin. After all, space travellers are exposed to the accelerated ageing of extreme space conditions, so if there’s any group in the world who knows what’s up when it comes to the next frontier in skin care, it’s the cosmonauts’ go-to team of skin specialists.

Words by Helene Pappas
January 2018


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