Get to know Bangn Body: the multi-purpose beauty brand taking over your Instagram feed

If you don’t recognise this yellow tube, it’s only fair to assume you’ve either been living under a rock, or that you deactivated your Instagram account about a year ago. It’s all over our feeds, and unlike many Instagram brands that well, stay on Instagram, Bangn Body’s overwhelmingly raved-about Firming Lotion has pleased (and wowed) skincare amateurs and obsessives alike with real-world results.

The body (and to the surprise of many, face) lotion lands online at MECCA today, along with the brand’s other winning potions, the Smooth Skin Scrub and Lip & Eye Beauty Balm. In anticipation of the launch, we caught up with Bangn Body founder Priscilla Hajiantoni to get to know the brains behind the brand, and exactly why thousands of women are going wild for a lotion.


“My first memory of beauty is my mum educating and encouraging my sisters and me to never leave the house without applying moisturiser and SPF,” shared Hajiantoni, who, growing up, was always inspired by her beauty-obsessed mum’s “entrepreneurial mind and desire to create change and be a pioneer in her space”. Thus, the initial idea for the brand and its famous lotion came from the sense of nostalgia she felt towards looking after her skin, as well as her own struggles with acne and breakouts.

After interning at her mum’s beauty salon and a stint at a local beauty brand, the founder noticed a gap in the body care market that she believed she could fill, taking a leap of faith into entrepreneurship that well and truly paid off. “From applying moisturiser from a young age, I was able to try hundreds on the market and they all had one thing in common; they always aimed to just hydrate the skin, however never really did,” Hajiantoni recalled. It was a two-and-a-half year journey to nail the formula of Bangn Body’s first product, their Firming Lotion, which, according to the Melbourne-based founder, needed to “make a difference and impact people’s lives by helping to heal and improve their skin.” “Hydration was the inevitable,” she shared, "but creating a lotion that was able to renew skin cells, boost collagen production and improve overall skin health was something that required a lot of scientific research.”


In creating a product—and a brand—Hajiantoni had just three non-negotiables: to create “natural, vegan and cruelty free products that are results driven,” to use “Australian-sourced ingredients that are purposeful,” and for “all packaging to be 100% recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly.” Helping people’s skin (and in turn, confidence) without compromising the planet was and still is a “massive focus for the brand’s DNA.”

“Our unique products are formulated with the highest quality natural, vegan and cruelty-free Australian-sourced ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties,” shared Hajiantoni, who further explained that all ingredients chosen in her formulations needed to play a role in effectively renewing skin cells and improving overall skin health. Some of these include jojoba seed oil, aloe vera leaf oil, shea butter, green coffee bean extract and pineapple fruit extract. “I also believe prevention is better than treatment,” she continued, “and therefore formulating a skincare range to help retain elasticity, fight free radical damage and slow down the ageing process, whilst also helping current skin concerns was an essential part of the development and creation of Bangn Body.” In other words, she was asking for a lot.

Having been commended for its abilities to reduce the appearance of cellulite while firming, smoothing and hydrating the body, the true hype around Bangn Body’s iconic yellow Firming Lotion (now also available in fragrance-free and illuminating formulas) has been its miraculous ability to also calm, heal and treat breakouts on the face—some use it as their daily face moisturiser or a skin-calming mask, and others as a targeted spot treatment. Really.

“It was the only moisturiser that didn’t make me breakout,” said the founder, who struggles with sensitive, acne-prone skin, and loved the way her winning formulation felt on her face, as well as her body. “I loved the idea of multi-purpose products however it was very taboo to apply your body lotion on your face—so when we launched and customers started to communicate how well it was working for their redness, acne, scarring and eczema, it was really the turning point for the brand becoming the multi-purpose skincare range it is today.”

In awe of the overwhelmingly positive response the brand received for the multi-purpose nature of their lotion, Hajiantoni made the decision to “to carry this concept across all products and make it a brand focus,” tweaking and revising products already in the pipelines (such as their Smooth Skin Scrub and Lip & Eye Beauty Balm) to ensure they had more than one use too.


True to the common ethos of Australian-born beauty brands, Bangn Body believes that “self-care is self-love and beauty should be simple but effective.” So Hajiantoni set out to “create a clean, good-for-you skincare brand that did more with less product and time.”

“The A-beauty movement has become a beauty revolution,” declared the founder. “Being an A-beauty brand, we really shine light on our simple yet effective formulas, highlighting beautiful Australian native botanical extracts and ingredients as well as sustainability and eco-friendly packaging.”

Not just cute to look at in your bathroom, bedside table or Instagram feed, Bangn Body’s aluminium tubes are also 100 percent recyclable and made with BPA-free lining and eco-friendly dyes, according to the founder. Creating the tubes alone took about eight months admitted Hajiantoni. “Plastic would have been the easier option, but I wanted to stick to my ethos and help reduce our plastic waste to landfill.” It turned out for the best; “aluminium tubes lock in the contents and prevents air particles and bacteria from entering the tube, which ensures the formula stays fresh to the very last squeeze.”


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