Get to know the brand disrupting perfumes: A.N. Other

It’s our mission to bring you the very (very) best in beauty, and the newest brand to join our fragrance line up is the epitome of that: meet A.N. Other—the no-nonsense fragrance house offering the world's the greatest perfume designers total creative control, unlimited budgets, and a promise not to tamper with their work. The result is a collection of honest, unique scents, ethically produced with an environmental conscious. Before you fall madly in love with their modern scents, here are four things to know about the brand.


After discovering that less than 2 percent of your money pays for what’s inside the bottle, the A.N. Other founders embarked on a mission to put the money otherwise spent on “gimmicks, mood stories, travel tales, or inflated brand egos,” into better use. Instead of cover stories, A.N. Other focus on what's inside the bottle—reaching out to the world's best fragrance designers (like David Apel, the perfumer that created OR/2018, who’s also the name behind cult favourite scents from Le Labo, Jo Malone and Frederic Malle) with an unlimited budget to create best-in-class fragrances that pride themselves on authentic craftsmanship, expensive ingredients, quality materials, and the environment, all while ensuring an affordable price point for the fragrance wearer.


If it’s not the best, it’s not in an A.N. Other fragrance. With a belief that true luxury is indulging in the best, most expensive ingredients (rather than an extravagant bottle and fluffy brand story), each perfumer is instructed to not hold back on costs when formulating their best scent yet. For perfume designer Catherine Selig, this meant sourcing one tonne of the most expensive rose petals, handpicked from Grasse.

The brand’s simplistic, almost Scandinavian glass bottles are sourced from Italy, their unique magnetic caps and spray pumps are from France, and their packaging materials are made in the US. There is no physical or monetary boundary in their process to create an uncompromising collection (yet somehow each fragrance sits at under $150).


All A.N. Other fragrances are totally clean and 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, always vowing to choose the environment first and reflecting that value in the materials they use across the board. To top it off, these materials are sourced exclusively from countries with policies in place to respect the environment (even though they “know where to buy cheap substitutes”).

Each and every ingredient in the brand’s delectable scents are ethically sourced and created under the Green Company seal, and 32 percent of the resin ingredients in their magnetic caps are plant-based and derived from renewable sources. Plus, their packaging is made from recycled cardboard exclusively.


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