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PMD BeautyReplacement Discs Green - Moderate


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A replacement disc for normal skin types.

The MECCA view:
Designed for those with normal (non-sensitive skin) and have used the PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Classic device device for at least 7 treatments. Featuring aluminium oxide discs, it's antibacterial and a naturally occurring element, designed to prevent any reactions and helps to stop the spread of bacteria. Each disc will last between 3-4 uses. 

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The Personal Microderm should only be used once every 7 days. Each discs will last 3-4 uses. Most treatments will last three to five minutes. The size of the area being treated and the length of each treatment will ultimately determine how long a disc can be used. When inserting a new disc in your Personal Microderm, follow these steps:  

1. Push the disc down firmly on the device post.  
2. Twist on cap making sure to tighten the cap firmly against the black o-ring on the tool. 
3. Check to make sure the disc is sitting slightly below the plastic cap.

The Personal Microderm should only be used once a week. Microderm removes the top layer of dead dull skin and your body needs one week to rejuvenate. Be patient. Use it consistently and you will see results. Anyone using chemical peels or products containing acids including hydroxy acids, malic acid, lactic acid AND/OR retinoids or retin A ingredients, must not use the Personal Microderm at the same time! This may cause skin to be too sensitive and use of the Personal Microderm is not recommended. Before it is safe to use the Personal Microderm, you must discontinue use of these products for at least seven days. Consult your doctor or dermatologist if you are unsure that the Personal Microderm is suitable for your skin.

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