Our vision is to create an EQUITABLE WORLD where WOMEN and GIRLS are empowered to flourish and be the BEST THEY CAN BE.
Through MECCA M-Power we will champion the EDUCATION, INDEPENDENCE and ENTREPRENEURSHIP of women globally and locally.

M-Powering through mentoring

We’ve partnered with some of Australia’s leading organisations to develop a unique 12 month program designed to empower extraordinary women and girls to realise their potential through access to funding, mentoring and learning opportunities with industry experts, plus our own specialists at MECCA Brands’ HQ.


Foundation for Young Association


Dedicated to empowering young Australians to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, the Foundation For Young Australians (FYA) is in the process of identifying six young female change-makers and philanthropists in their Young Social Pioneers program to attend an intensive MECCA
M-Power Bootcamp, where they will step-up their skills and networks to ensure their ventures have the best shot at success.

More information on FYA >

"The next 20 years will see the meteoric rise of female leadership, in all forms, around the globe. FYA is excited to be partnering with MECCA to back our young female entrepreneurs to answer the question posed so eloquently by the poet, Mary Oliver: ‘So what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’. Our answer at M-Power? ‘Step up and run the world’."

– Jan Owen AM, CEO, Foundation for Young Australians


National Gallery Victoria

Artwork by Atong Atem


Partnering with Australia’s oldest and most visited gallery, we are delighted to announce Atong Atem as the 2017 recipient of the MECCA M-Power Arts Grant. Atong is a very exciting young, South Sudanese artist and writer living in Melbourne who is developing a unique voice. As part of the grant, she will receive:

  • A grant of $20,000
  • Tailored MECCA M-Power Mentor Week at the National Gallery of Victoria and MECCA Brands Support Centre
  • Monthly mentoring check-ins with the NGV
  • Networking opportunities
National Gallery Victoria

Artwork by Atong Atem

"The NGV is excited to partner in the MECCA M-Power project to create opportunities for emerging women artists."

– Tony Ellwood, Director of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)


Engineers Without Borders Australia

Chelsea Haywood, Engineers Without Borders grant recipient


"The world needs more women in STEM.
Australia needs more women in STEM!"
– Jo Horgan, founder and co-CEO, MECCA Brands

Together with Engineers Without Borders (EWB), we are excited to announce Chelsea Hayward as the recipient of the 2017 MECCA M-Power Grant. Chelsea has been a highly active member of EWB both locally and globally and is a valuable force behind expanding its school outreach program. Her proposed project will facilitate learning opportunities and mentorship in geographically diverse areas and open new doors to STEM pathways that students, particularly female, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, may not have previously considered.

MECCA M-Power will support and fund the development of Chelsea’s project through:

  • $15,000 investment in the recipient’s project
  • $5,000 towards an EWB leadership program (such as an overseas study tour) and attendance at the MECCA
    M-Power Bootcamp facilitated by FYA
  • A tailored mentoring experience with MECCA Brands’ in-house experts

"It is my belief that empowering more women and girls to pursue STEM studies and careers will lead to greater diversity, which in turn will lead to greater innovation and better outcomes for society."

– Chelsea Hayward



Deakin University is delighted to announce Dr. Tamara May as the recipient of the 2017 MECCA M-Power Grant. As a revered researcher and psychologist, Dr. May’s focus is on understanding and overcoming the unique challenges faced by girls with disabilities and developmental vulnerabilities. She is leading the development of AllPlay Dance, a program that will enable children with disabilities to participate in all forms of dance programs throughout Australia, allowing them to enjoy the social, emotional and physical health benefits associated with dance.

MECCA M-Power will support and fund the development of Dr May’s project through:

  • A $25,000 grant to support an early career research fellow in Clinical Psychology
  • Attendance at the MECCA M-Power Bootcamp facilitated by FYA
  • A tailored mentoring experience with MECCA Brands’ in-house experts

"Thanks to the support of MECCA M-Power Program, we will create an Australian first initiative to put the spotlight on girls with developmental challenges and to create new opportunities for physical, psychological and social development through dance."

– Deakin University


Mecca Proudly Supports The Hunger Project MECCA Proudly Supports The Hunger Project


“We work to empower women in Africa, India and Bangladesh into taking action in their communities, speaking out on important issues for women and children, being powerful decision makers, setting the agenda for development and transformation and ultimately being leaders for the end of hunger. MECCA's ongoing generous support means we can educate and train women in our program countries to build the confidence, skills and power to transform the status of women and girls: from discriminated against, to valued and equal members of their communities.”


Melanie Noden,
CEO Of The Hunger Project Australia

Melanie Noden

Melanie Noden,
CEO Of The Hunger Project Australia

Melanie Noden