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LonvitaliteCleanse Erase Embrace


Size: 3pck

  • Lonvitalite - Microfibre Cleansing Assistants

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3 Pack of gentle microfibre cleansing assistants



The MECCA view:
A three pack of super-soft, spherical microfiber cleansing assistants that remove makeup, dirt and debris and excess oil. The two white rounds are suitable for every day use and enhance your cleansing routine by removing all evidence of lightweight makeup. The black coloured round can be used to remove heavier makeup such as pigmented lipsticks or mascara. These cleansing assistants are machine washable making them a more sustainable option than disposable cotton rounds. 

Pair it with:
Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturising Cleanser
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

The Cleanse Erase Embrace Microfibre Cleansing Assistants are versatile in how they may be used. Either dampen your round and wipe directly over the face to remove makeup prior to cleansing, apply your cleanser or micellar water to the dampened round and wipe over the skin, or cleanse your skin using your fingertips and water and wipe off the residue with the round! You can customise your cleanse! The Cleansing assistants are machine washable and can be replaced as needed.
Item code. I-047826